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Megan Adair is a wizard of magnitude whose main aim is to show you there’s so much more available and invite you into it. Whether your aim is to de-stress & relax, change something specific in your life, or dive into ancestral work, Megan will adventure with you, creating ease & possibility along the way.

Episode: February 24, 2023 by *Choosing A Different Future with Siris- Podcast or TV





Jonathan Bill Adkins, fondly known as J.B., was born in Los Angeles, CA. Since age 2, he always felt the need to help family and friends. Which led him to join the US Army in 2005, to serve his country from 2005-2010. Due to an injury, he couldn’t continue his career in the US Army and enrolled in his education in massage at American Institute of Massage Therapy for a 1029 hour program and the 450 hour Advance Program in Neuromuscular Therapy at National Holistic Institute.

Rebecca Grace Arce was born, raised, and still a resident in Anaheim, CA. At the age of 19 she experienced a near death experience after battling a week long of high fevers, and convulsions. At the age of 25, she found a wonderful holistic healing facility, Cohn Health Institute in Costa Mesa, CA; which opened her curiosity in different healing modalities. She started her course in 500 hour Holistic Massage Therapy at Golden West College. During that time she discovered her gift as an Empath and Channeling messages from her spiritual guides. She wanted to better understand the body not only spiritually but also the science of healing.

Episode: Jan 13, 2023 by *Choosing A Different Future with Siris- Podcast or TV

With over two decades of experience as a business strategist and fractional chief marketing officer, Seema Alexander partners with growth-focused expert entrepreneurs and CEOs to guide them (and their teams) through a proven 6-step strategic proprietary process, called the U.N.I.Q.U.E Method™—transforming their businesses to become scalable and sought-after—preparing them for their breakout year(s) in growth. This framework helps guide lean entrepreneurs to established organizations have a simple structure and tools to ‘work on their business, not in their business’—helping them move from the proverbial phase of throwing spaghetti against the wall to intentional growth by probing them to make decisions based on experience, convictions, and what their ideal market truly desires—ultimately positioning their brands with confidence as experts in their ‘earned’ niche. This process has resulted in immense internal clarity and alignment, millions of dollars in revenue, and the unmeasurable impact.

Episode: April 10, 2023 by *Business Leaders Network with JR Spear – Podcast or TV

Alan Annand is a Vedic astrologer, graduate of both the British Faculty of Astrological Studies and the American College of Vedic Astrology. He’s also a palmist and much-published author. His New Age Noir crime novels feature an astrologer protagonist whom one reviewer has dubbed “Sherlock Holmes with a horoscope.” His non-fiction books on astrology have been praised for the quality of their research and writing. His latest book – Kama Yoga: Love, Marriage & Sexuality in Jyotish – is a complete guide to personal relationships as seen through the lens of Vedic astrology, and can be purchased on Amazon.

Episode: April 3, 2023 by *The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic – Podcast or TV




Cathy Belgrave is a parent, elementary teacher and ECE certified Wonder-Led Educator. She has been working with children for over 25 years in a variety of settings and is the founder of Creative Studio for Children. She currently offers workshops to preschool teachers, and teaches preschool and elementary play-based programs in Vancouver. When not teaching, Cathy loves to be outside in nature and can be found communing with the trees in the forest or watching the sunset.

Episode: April 5, 2023 by *Cultivating Kindness With Karen – Podcast or TV




Beth Beurkens, International Best Selling Author, Shaman, and Coach will share with you how to tap into your unlimited potential and to manifest a life that’s in harmony with your soul’s purpose. As a teacher, award-winning, bestselling author, and speaker for over three decades, Beth Beurkens helps empower individuals to achieve new heights of spiritual aliveness and create lives that are in harmony with their soul’s purpose.

Beth works with people worldwide, inspiring them to build their dreams, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives. 3 Keys Ancient Wisdom Keys to Step Into Your Greater Purpose with Ease – Shaman’s Visionary Pathways with Beth Beurkens, M.A.

Episode: Jan 11, 2023 by *Ignite Your Success – Podcast or TV


Christopher Chamberlin is a Realtor, Entrepreneur, Transformative Mindset Coach, Business Strategist, Speaker and CEO of Chamberlin Inc. and LionHeart Transformative Coaching, an international company focused on facilitating transformative breakthroughs.

Christopher produces consistent results, rapidly healing relationships, transforming family, catalyzing businesses, reinventing careers, inspiring entrepreneurs, increasing productivity and income, healing deep wounds and evolving as powerful co-creators. Today, as a David Bayer Certified Transformative Mindset Facilitator, the mastery principles Christopher teaches are a unique combination of psychology, biology, neuroscience and practical spirituality.

Episode: Jan 11, 2023 by *Find Your Hell Yes – Podcast or TV


Jason Courtney grew up a troubled kid in an abusive home. He became an alcoholic-workaholic father, turned to drugs, and then wound up in prison. There he surrendered his life to Christ and his life was forever changed by the wisdom and strength that God provided him. He has now achieved high levels of success that he could not even dream of as a kid or adult. Everything Jason does he does it unto Him. He is now taking what he has learned and experienced and is helping others.

Based out of St. Louis Missouri, Jason Courtney has excelled in the building and real estate industry. From short sales, to house flipping and even commercial developments. Jason is the go-to mentor for anyone looking to break into the real estate industry! He coaches people on how to generate passive income for right now and into the future.

Episode: February 13, 2023 by *Business Leaders Network with JR Spear – Podcast or TV


Lizzie Ens, former amish girl who chose to jump for a better life and future.

Now Board Certified Nutrition Practitioner, personal trainer, author, speaker on a mission to make an impact.

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Episode: February 6, 2023 by *The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic – Podcast or TV




Jose Escobar is an award-winning, nationally recognized personal development speaker, 7x published author, sales professional, husband and father of five children. He leads compelling high-level communities consisting of entrepreneurs and advanced leaders through two multi-six figure business models, The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf and the Connected Leaders Academy. Jose’s magnetic personality shines in his presentations where he has reached audiences collectively over 30M and radiates throughout his dynamic coaching programs inspiring his international 230+ entrepreneur and executive clientele to master their personal and professional excellence. His past sales experience led him to amass 30+M in revenue for the companies he served, and this family man’s sales and coaching in the martial arts industry has positively affected the lives of over 500k families for the better. Learn more about Jose’s products and services at

Episode: March 6, 2023 by *Business Leaders Network with JR Spear – Podcast or TV


Danella Hesler began her career as a chef where years of wear and tear on her body led her to look for solutions to her pain. During her many years of questioning experts on why she had the pain she had she finally found a solution. The solution was The Mitzvah Technique where Danella found relief in her body for the first time in decades. After some time Danella chose to learn The Mitzvah Technique, and began her practise.

Starting with a client base of five, Danella pursued her desire to share Mitzvah with the world to the point where she now has contributed to ease in hundreds of bodies all over the world. Danella is an avid learner and pursues learning in many different avenues and modalities of healing. Danella brings a holistic, no nonsense, target driven approach to her clients where she assists people who are interested and willing to have the best quality of life in all way.

Episode: February 20, 2023 by *The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic – Podcast or TV


Samantha Kaaua is a bestselling author, speaker, former marriage therapist, empowerment coach for married women and the founder of The GEMMS with Samantha Kaaua, an international coaching and training company.

Her main focus is helping women become their best selves while staying in and completely transforming their marriage.

Samantha has been recognized as a leading expert on relationships and is on a mission to help restore trust and faith in the world!

She has been featured on Fox, ABC, CBS and other international publications and podcasts, sharing her counter-culture views on relationships.

Episode: Jan 18, 2023 by *Find Your Hell Yes – Podcast or TV

Kyle Landwehr is 22 years old, an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and Multi 7-figure earner. Tune into this episode to learn more about how Kyle has grown multiple businesses in just over one year utilizing personal branding and leveraging social media!

Episode: March 13, 2023 by *Business Leaders Network with JR Spear – Podcast or TV






Social media sensation George Lee isn’t your typical corporate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion instructor. And you don’t want him to be.

With over a million followers and over 60 million likes on his TikTok channel “TheConsciousLee”, this intellectual debating, hip hop dancing, thought-provoking, and workshop facilitating keynote speaker proves that Black intellectuals don’t have to play respectability politics to deliver a message that resonates. George Lee holds a bachelor’s degree in African & African American Studies and a Master’s degrees in both Human Relations and Adult Higher Education. He also holds Graduate Certificates in Women and Gendered Studies, along with Human Resource and Diversity Development from the University of Oklahoma.

Episode: April 12, 2023 by *Even We Know That – Podcast or TV

Jason Meland is a former firefighter whose career was cut short after a near fatal electrocution accident… After the fire service, he began pursuing a career in the fitness industry where he grew a gym in South Florida to 298 members. During Covid, things took a turn and he launched himself fully into the online fitness coaching space where he grew his business to $80,000 months using organic social media in just under 12 months. He is now the founder & CEO of the In Demand Coach, where he teaches coaches how to monetize their message using conversion-focused content. Jason has been featured on American Ninja Warrior, ABC, and multiple other publications.

Episode: April 17, 2023 by *Business Leaders Network with JR Spear – Podcast or TV



Michelle Mras is an award-winning, internationally recognized inspirational speaker, published #1 Best Selling Author, intuitive leader, wife, and mother who has been stirring 

audiences and individuals to action through her compelling message of self-leadership, resilience, and living a life of intention. Michelle’s infectious presentations and coaching inspire her clients to rise above negative self-talk to reclaim their inner grit. Michelle encourages you to be your best version every day and live unapologetically. Her fiery spirit and passion drive her to candidly share the key moments that transformed her into the irresistible force she is today. Learn more about Michelle and her writing at

Episode: February 6, 2023 by *Business Leaders Network with JR Spear – Podcast or TV



Trai Murphy is an accomplished fitness and nutrition expert with over 20 years industry experience. She is the owner of FitTechniques Personal Training that specializes in working with clients that require help with post therapy, injury, and rehab needs to increase strength and mobility through Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability. She has provided top level training and coaching to hundreds to help them meet their chronic pain reduction needs and weight balancing goals through fitness and nutrition through virtual and in-person programming.

Trai currently provides community outreach fitness classes for Clemson,SC area Seniors that are 55+ years that focuses on the need for balance, stability, and core control to allow for improved daily lives through fitness. She also volunteers time to help facilitate local youth sports events and serve the local U.S. Military Veteran population through outreach programs in adaptive fitness through her scholarship program and collaborations.

Episode: January 9, 2023 by *The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic – Podcast or TV

Malorie Nicole is a leading coach in performance, mindset, and success for entrepreneurs and business leaders. With a focus on helping others achieve clarity of mind, powerful energy management, and unshakable leadership, she has worked with hundreds of clients and dedicates thousands of hours each year to coaching and mentoring others. As the host of the Forbes #1 rated show “Abundantly Clear Podcast” and author of the upcoming book “The Abundance Decision”, Malorie has helped countless individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their biggest visions. She believes in a world where we all have the choice daily to build a fulfilling life.

Episode: March 27, 2023 by *Business Leaders Network with JR Spear – Podcast or TV




Holly Reed Bio Chief ministry support, fan club president and wife to Scott Reed. Mom to Tommy, Brandon and a slew of LA’s young adults. Launched by Disney as recruiter, trainer & performer. Global Entrepreneur. Co-host of the “Arise & Reeds” show and the “Get Your Hopes Up” podcast. Leadership Developer. Founder, Coach & Carpool CEO of “The Family Business.” Co-Founder I’m a relationship-focused leader and mom champion who advocates for family. A lifetime learner, enthusiast and change-agent passionate about the development of community through marriage, motherhood and the marketplace.

Episode: April 24, 2023 by *Business Leaders Network with JR Spear – Podcast or TV




Dr. Nate Salah is an award-winning educator, accomplished entrepreneur, and expert in business leadership with decades of experience teaching students, entrepreneurs, and business professionals how to lead exceptionally. Dr. Nate has been fully immersed in business since youth. He gained confidence with small ventures through his teen years, dropping out of college with the acquisition of his first company at 21, and over the years founding wholly-owned and ownership interests in a conglomerate of industries. Dr. Nate has entrepreneurial experience in accounting and business advisory, commercial and residential real estate, residential construction, wholesale technology distribution, multi-state retail sales, residential mortgage lending, concept food services, digital marketing, and E-learning.

Episode: Jan. 30, 2023 by *Business Leaders Network with JR Spear – Podcast or TV


Devin Scott is known for helping entrepreneurs transcend from the entrepreneurial rat race and into their purpose project. He believes that everyone on earth is here to be in their own creative space and make the world a better place. Devin uses virtual events to help his clients become the authority in their niche while generating Six Figure Days without missing time with their loved ones! Devin doesn’t believe in only providing for his family, but being a PRESENT Provider because kids spell love, T.I.M.E… so his mantra is Work Less, Profit More, Impact the World.

Episode: May 1, 2023 by *Business Leaders Network with JR Spear – Podcast or TV




Zulma I. Verdej-Carrion is the owner of Serene Fusion LLC, where she educates people on practical alternative health practices in her workshops, coaching, and classes around the world. She empowers people to choose what will work for them and their unique body systems. Some topics include, but are not limited to anti-aging, the NRF2 System, relaxation techniques, Access Consciousness®, pediatric development, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, to name a few.

Zulma’s services are customized to her clients’ specific needs and she is committed to continually learn new techniques to be at the cutting edge for her business and her clients. She coaches those who desire financial freedom, more ease with their bodies, and greater clarity in their life.

Episode: April 28, 2023 by *Choosing A Different Future with Siris- Podcast or TV


Megan Walrod is a mentor for successful women who aspire to live bravely and authentically. With her expertise in breaking free from codependency and people-pleasing, Megan empowers her clients to lead a life that truly fulfills them and allows them to share their unique gifts with the world. Her approach, which she calls “Live Your Yes,” is rooted in the belief that prioritizing joy and pleasure is the key to achieving success and attracting what we desire. Megan’s guidance is invaluable for those who seek to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace their full potential. Through her mentorship, she helps women cultivate their inner strength and confidence, allowing them to achieve their dreams and lead a life that lights them up.

Free Gift: “How to Say Yes to Yourself Without Feeling Guilty”:

Episode: April 7, 2023 by *Choosing A Different Future with Siris- Podcast or TV


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