TV – Exposing Bullshit Fitness & Health Advice With Guest James Coppola

TV – Exposing Bullshit Fitness & Health Advice With Guest James Coppola

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December 19, 2023 by *Heal Your Body with Dr. Jamie Gilliam

Heal Your Body With Dr. Jamie Gilliam 

Join Dr. Jamie Gilliam and James Coppola as they fearlessly take on the rampant misinformation plaguing the fitness and health world online. This episode of the Heal Your Body Show aims to cut through the noise and deliver evidence-based truths in a landscape flooded with dubious claims and false promises.

In this episode, Dr. Jamie and James dissect viral health trends, dismantle miracle diets, and debunk the latest fitness fads while also addressing body shaming and fear mongering on social media platforms. Drawing on their expertise and supported by credible research, they explore topics such as:

Debunking miracle weight loss products and their misleading claims.
Unraveling the truth behind trendy diets and their potential health impacts.
Exposing common fitness myths that can lead to injury or ineffective results.
Body shaming and fear mongering by online influencers

By separating fact from fiction, this episode will equip you with the tools to make informed decisions about your health and well-being. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, health-conscious individual, or simply seeking reliable advice in a sea of online noise, Dr. Jamie and James will help you sift through the BS and discovering the real science behind health and fitness.

James Cappola is a seasoned fitness professional with a passion for guiding individuals towards their wellness goals. With an educational background in Exercise Science, James holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the field, providing him with a solid foundation of knowledge in human physiology, kinesiology, and exercise programming. James also achieved certification as an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).

With over 18 years of dedicated experience in the fitness industry, James has continually honed his expertise in creating tailored fitness regimens that prioritize individual needs and goals. As the Co-Owner of Zero Shortcuts Fitness Training, James plays a pivotal role in shaping the fitness landscape alongside his business partner, Erica Villani Cappola. Together, they’ve established a fitness training business that is committed to providing clients with compassion and results. Their philosophy revolves around fostering a supportive environment, promoting sustainable lifestyle changes, and eliminating shortcuts in favor of long-term, transformative results.

Outside of his professional pursuits, James is deeply involved in the fitness community, regularly participating in seminars, workshops, and events to stay updated with the latest industry advancements. His mission remains focused on debunking fitness myths, encouraging evidence-based practices, and inspiring others to achieve their fitness aspirations without compromising on quality or integrity.

~ More About Heal Your Body with Dr. Jamie Gilliam ~ 

Dr. Jamie Gilliam is the founder of JG Wellness Clinic, where they specialize in addressing various health concerns, with a focus on thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalances within the endocrine system, autoimmune diseases, and assisting patients striving to achieve weight loss goals. Dr. Jamie holds a PhD in Integrative Medicine and an MS in Exercise Science. Jamie is also a devoted mother to seven children.

Jamie’s personal health challenges with thyroid cancer, cervical cancer, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, and Lupus, caused her to realize that the conventional healthcare system is flawed. Tired of being sick and tired, she decided to navigate a different path.

In her pursuit of better health, Jamie explored alternative approaches to healthcare that emphasized healing rather than merely treating symptoms. Her dissatisfaction with the status quo led her to the decision to further her education and pursue a career in Integrative Medicine. This choice was rooted in her realization that many individuals are dealing with health issues but are not receiving the level of care and attention they need within the traditional healthcare system.

Through her work at JG Wellness Clinic, Dr. Jamie is dedicated to treating the whole person. She gives patients a voice and ensures patients are heard. She offers patients a comprehensive and personalized approach to healthcare, and Jamie encourages her patients to play an active role in their healthcare decisions.

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