The Pleasure Zone ~ Milica Jelenic

Have you ever noticed that what is pleasing to one body is not necessarily pleasing to all bodies? What if our bodies like to be pleasing and to gift pleasure to others and to receive pleasure? 
We start out with magical little bodies that turn on everybody. Babies are always having people come up to them and compliment them on their beauty and get really excited to be in their presence.
What would the world be like if we stopped judging ourselves, our bodies and others? How much more fun and joy  is possible on this planet if we choose to be explorers? Whose ready for an adventure???

Milica Jelenic


February 3, 2020-It’s Not You, It’s Me ~ Milica Jelenic

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show Has someone ever said to you, "It's not you, it's me"? What was your first reaction? I know that hearing "It's not you, it's me" can sometimes make you feel like crap. On this episode we will explore the times when "It's not you, it's me" are in fact real and true for you, and how you can be kind with yourself and others when you really know that it is you, and not...

January 20, 2020-Changing The Trauma Of Sexual Abuse ~ Milica Jelenic

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show It seems more and more that people are bringing forth their stories of sexual abuse.For some the stories have contributed to greater awareness and sense of community with others who have suffered as well. For some the trauma and abuse continues to be held in their bodies and minds. I don't claim to have all the answers or even all the questions to the tragedy of...

January 13, 2020-The Pleasure Of Prioritizing ~ Milica Jelenic

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show Have you avoided prioritizing pleasure? Has pleasure become your last priority? Time and prioritizing often go hand in hand and we often neglect the aspect of pleasure in any of it. If you think you have it all together but you aren't feeling so great most of the time there is a need for priortizing in your personal life. Join Milica to find out more about The...

January 6, 2020-Creating Pleasure Targets For The New Year ~ Milica Jelenic

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show People often look to resolutions in the New Year and I am looking to open you to the idea of having Pleasure Targets for the New Year. How do we go about figuring out what our pleasure targets might be? What can we do and choose to fulfill our pleasure targets? Join Milica Jelenic, Sex & Intimacy Coach, for coaching tips and tips for Creating Pleasure Targets For...

December 30, 2019-The Indisputable Gift Of Men ~ Guest Danna Lewis

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show About The Indisputable Gift of Men After years of hearing women, including herself, complain about men, Danna Lewis found herself in the midst of the most joyful, heartbreaking, and empowering romantic encounters of her life. The Indisputable Gift of Men is a collection of intimate stories that invites you to unlock caustic, emasculating, judgmental conversations...

December 16, 2019-Conscious C#ck: The Empowered Sexuality Manual for Men ~ Guest Kristopher Lovestone

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show Kristopher Lovestone is the author of Conscious Cock a book that gives heterosexual men a comprehensive power-upgrade of their ability to succeed in relationships and get what they really want out of their sex life through authenticity, integrity and transparency. It’s the book every man should be given when he reaches adulthood. Kristopher Lovestone is a sex...

December 2, 2019-Events That Affect Libido & Tips To Change It ~ Milica Jelenic

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show Some life events affect libido more than others. Death of a loved one, change of home, change of work and change of relationship can all affect libido. What is it that has our libido run and hid and what can we do to invite our libido to come back and play? Join Milica Jelenic on The Pleasure Zone for an in depth discussion on Events That Affect Libido & Tips To...

November 25, 2019-Cold & Hot Play ~ Milica Jelenic

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show Cold & Hot Play is such a beautiful and simple way to change up your vanilla lovemaking. If you would like to add a little spark but don't want to get too intense, hot and cold play can start to tantalize your body in a whole new way. Get out the ice cubes, cold glass, warm wax and hot candies, you are in for some fun on this episode of The Pleasure Zone with...

November 18, 2019-Your Vulva Is Still Your Friend ~ Milica Jelenic

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show Even though you might forget it, your vulva is still your friend. Have you ignored your vulva? Have you thought that your vulva was more nuissance than pleasure pet? For so many reasons the vulva ignored or abused. Let's get back to being friends with your vulva, no longer ignore your beautiful pussy and start enjoying everything your vulva has to offer! Join Milica...

November 11, 2019-How Textures Can Heighten Your Pleasure ~ Milica Jelenic

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show Have you played with different textures to heighten your pleasure? What if adding soft textures or rough textures can totally change your body's responses? Are you ready to play, explore and enjoy the many textures that can heighten your pleasure? Join Milica Jelenic to find out How Textures Can Heighten Your Pleasure on The Pleasure Zone. ~ More About The Pleasure...