ICN Publishing focuses on bringing conscious voices to the world through print.

Facilitating an inclusive range of voices, and providing an open and supportive press, ICN Publishing carries conscious messages that inspire, educate, and empower readers. We assist conscious leaders in creating and distributing messaging that establishes a global presence and grows their business.

We cover a wide array of topics, ranging from business and personal growth to health and wellness, all aimed at promoting greater consciousness and choice in various life areas.


Editorial Director, Kim Dietrich

Kim’s attention to detail and skill with words serve her well as Editorial Director of ICN Publishing. She is involved in every step of the publishing process, overseeing content as it makes its way from the being the initial spark of an idea through the entire process of writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting, until finally making its way to the page.

Kim has a unique gift for supporting people with bringing their unique vision and message to the world. She also works with clients independently as a writer and content strategist, helping them craft content that connects.

 “Getting written content to really connect with your audience is my superpower. I write content in your unique voice so you can put a clear and consistent message out into the world. It’s simple, but it’s not easy….I do promise to make it feel that way though.” Kim Dietrich

Kim writes and edits impactful bios, email newsletter copy, social media content, non-fiction books, website copy, SEO-rich blogs. You can connect with her at kim@kimdietrich.ca and learn more about her here: https://kimdietrich.ca/.


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