Take Action NOW Summit

Take Action NOW Summit

The Take Action NOW Summit, is brought to the world with 21 dynamic speakers who are experts in their fields!
Each speaker has provided immeidate action steps for all listeners to move forward in their personal lives, their business, their relationship, their money and so many other important areas.

Join us on in this amazing transformative summit where you can and will move into immediate action to create your dreams now!

Our host Inspired Choices Network creates opportunities for professionals all over the globe to broadcast their brilliance to those seeking to uplevel their lives and businesses. 





February 6, 2024-TV – Bodies Like ACTION – Milica Jelenic

Bodies Like Action! Action can be something that people feel burdened by, as tho it is going to be full of effort. We will explore the different ways to have ACTION with your body and to create a life of ACTION that your body enjoys and can sustain. We will explore ACTION as an acronym representing: A: Activity C: Communication T: Temptation I: Introspection O: Orgasm N: Nature   After graduation,...

February 6, 2024-TV – Who You Be?! – Gordon D Melville

In the captivating session titled “Who You Be?” I will unveil exclusive personal growth strategies rooted in resilience & authenticity. Drawing on my extensive background as a ‘Champion Mindset Mentor’ and ‘Legacy & Resiliency Strategist’, this chat navigates the intricacies of embracing vulnerability and using it as a catalyst for profound personal and professional growth. Through industry-best...

February 6, 2024-TV – The Good “F” Word – Blondina Polazzo

Becoming Financial FIT: Fuel, Invest, Thrive - Helping Entrepreneurs navigate the Road to Financial Fitness and making it FUN! Blondina is a US veteran and has been in the fitness industry for 30 years. During that time she wrote a book about her faith & fitness journey, while helping 1000’s of men and women get physically fit. With her heart to help others, her character and stewardship with her own money...

February 6, 2024-TV – Embracing Your Path to Intimacy and Bliss – Janice (Jayala) Lee

Embark on a transformative journey with "Embracing Your Path to Intimacy and Bliss." You will: Understand Intimacy by discovering the true meaning of intimacy beyond physical closeness, and explore deep connections through various tantra principles. Pathways to Bliss builds upon these foundations, delving into the harmony of hearts and minds and the dance of souls in sync. Embrace Your Journey, by integrating the...

February 6, 2024-TV – Kick the Mental Health Crisis to the Curb – Janet Krebs

You got more directions with your new coffee maker then you did when you brought home another human being. And with how fast things change in our world it’s hard to keep up. Every time we turn around or scroll to the next post we see the words declining mental health and digital addiction: and they are coming for our kids. This is the #1 concern of parents today. We are in a crisis! Are you ready to stand up for...

February 6, 2024-TV -Next-Level Growth: Strategies for Upscaling Your Business Effectively – Christine McIver

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey toward unprecedented success. In this dynamic talk, we will explore the essential strategies and approaches that can propel your business to new heights. Unlock the secrets to sustained growth as we delve into topics such as strategic planning, owning your brilliance, finding your value and eliminating what does not bring value. Christine McIver a Business...

February 6, 2024-TV – Manifesting Miracles through Aligned and Inspired Actions – Nirmala Raju (Nila)

Imagine effortlessly summoning miracles into your life. No wishful thinking, just aligned actions fueled by divine inspiration. Join Nila, your guide on this exploration of the profound synergy between your inner alignment and inspired action. In this session, we'll delve into the timeless wisdom of manifestation, transcending mere wishful thinking to embrace the art of conscious creation. Discover the secrets to...

February 6, 2024-TV – Eliminate Fears in 2024 – Dr. Linda Jordon

Fear, in its many forms, has a unique way of holding us back, casting shadows over our aspirations and dreams. It's a universal emotion, deeply rooted in our psyche, yet it possesses the power to hinder growth, limit potential, and cloud judgment. But what if we dared to confront these fears head-on, transforming them from barriers into catalysts for change? Embarking on the journey to eliminate fears is not merely...

February 6, 2024-TV – Wonder Woman is NOT a Fictional Character – Char McCreadie

Are YOU ready to Plug in Your Power Tools? Come along and join The Lifestyle Wellness Warrior on a journey that includes a lot of Triumph & a little bit of Tragedy, too as we learn the importance of using our Power Tools well in this thing called life. Using her professional experience as a trained warrior & ER/Trauma Clinician and her own personal healing stories, Char showcases the power The Warrior...

February 6, 2024-TV – How to Stop the Negative Voices in Your Head – Lenora Edwards

Have you ever wished you could master the voices in your head? Just imagine what it would feel like if you could learn how to transform your inner dialogue to your advantage in just minutes. In her empowering talk, Lenora Edwards shares her journey of overcoming the turmoil of negative self-talk, a battle rooted in her eating disorder. She introduces the transformative power of Holographic Memory Resolution® (HMR),...
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