TV – Kick the Mental Health Crisis to the Curb – Janet Krebs

TV – Kick the Mental Health Crisis to the Curb – Janet Krebs

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February 6, 2024 by *Take Action Now Summit

You got more directions with your new coffee maker then you did when you brought home another human being. And with how fast things change in our world it’s hard to keep up.

Every time we turn around or scroll to the next post we see the words declining mental health and digital addiction: and they are coming for our kids. This is the #1 concern of parents today. We are in a crisis! Are you ready to stand up for YOUR kids, shield them, to prevent them from becoming victims of this epidemic?

In this talk I will share my top 3 strategies for you to tackle these challenges so you can go from feeling desperate to dynamic and empower yourself as the change maker in your home!”

Let’s raise tomorrow together.Janet is a speaker, author and a family facilitator …helps families adopt a leadership mindset and empowers them to cultivate confidence and self-reliance in themselves and their children.
She has enjoyed a rich career in Consulting, Human Resources and Education. She spent over 14 years as Commander Krebs in a Space Flight Simulator where she impacted over 60,000 students.
She is a 2X best-selling author and earned advanced degrees in Human Behavior and Development, Counseling Psychology and in Education.
When asked her greatest accomplishment she will answer, without hesitation, her 2 adult children, Benjamin and Elisa.

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