From Plant Based To Ancestral Living With Guest Meg Connolly

From Plant Based To Ancestral Living With Guest Meg Connolly

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February 9, 2024 by *The Lizzie Ens Show

I’m Not Fine with Lizzie Ens

Discover this captivating journey of Meg Connolly who transitioned from a plant-based lifestyle to embracing ancestral living. In this episode, we discuss Meg’s journey going from plant based living to ancestral living. Meg’s journey from infertility to endometriosis/pcos challenges led her to a complete lifestyle change for total healing and transformative health journey. Listen in as she shares her profound insights that reshaped her entire life. You will gain valuable insights into optimizing health through ancestral principles and find inspiration for a holistic approach to wellness.

Whether you’re a plant-based enthusiast or curious about ancestral living, this episode offers a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection between dietary choices and our ancestral roots. Join your host Lizzie Ens Functional Nutrition Practitioner as we dive deep into this journey from “From Plant-Based to Ancestral Living” and help you understand and unlock the secrets to a balanced and fulfilling health journey.

Meghan Maloof-Berdellans, aka ‘Meg Connolly,’ is an accomplished professional renowned for her innovative contributions to the fields of digital marketing and real estate, as well as her passionate advocacy for health and wellness.

Born and raised in New York, Meg is a former vegan dedicated to sharing a lifestyle focused on ancestral health and wellness, emphasizing a return to the roots of our ancestors and going back to basics. This initiative reflects her commitment to holistic health and her belief in the power of incorporating many of these practices into modern life. Further cementing her commitment to health advocacy, Meg sits as Associate Director of The Endometriosis Coalition, focused on raising awareness of endometriosis. Her involvement stems from her own health experiences which have led her on this journey in the first place. Meg has been married to her husband, Albert Maloof Berdellans III, since 2019.

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