It’s More Than Religion And Spirituality – Guest Albert Meza

It’s More Than Religion And Spirituality – Guest Albert Meza

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October 20, 2023 by *Value In You with LS Kirkpatrick

Value In You with LS Kirkpatrick 

LS Kirkpatrick speaks with Albert Meza about how it is more than Religion and Spirituality in living in today’s world. Albert will share what it does in our lives and how it is worth it. He will answer the question…. Is there value in it? Why is it a big deal, and what does it all mean? So many questions that will be discussed during this episode. Be sure to join LS Kirkpatrick and her guest Albert Meza.

Albert Meza III is a 24yr Young Adult who lives in Bertram, TX with his Family. Originally born in California grew up in the sunny side state in Los Angeles for 15 years until his Father got the call from the Lord to move to the great State of Texas. At 13 Years old he received the call into Ministry from God to become a Pastor specifically a Youth Pastor. Albert Now works in Round Rock, TX and is working to receive his Pastoral credentials in 2025 and looking to graduate with a ministerial diploma in 2024.

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