TV – The Art Of Healthy Emotional Regulation With Guest Jayna Swan

TV – The Art Of Healthy Emotional Regulation With Guest Jayna Swan

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March 30, 2024 by *I’m Not Fine - Lizzie Ens

I’m Not Fine with Lizzie Ens

This week join your host Lizzie Ens as she interviews Jayna Swan, a renowned speaker and Creative Mindset Mentor. Jayna guides us through a transformative journey centered around self-care, self-love, and worthiness. She shares her personal story of overcoming guilt and shame, embracing a life fuelled by fulfillment, and manifesting her dreams mindfully.

Jayna introduces her philosophy of the “3 M’s” – Movement, Meditation, & Mindfulness, exploring how practices like dancing, weight lifting, meditation, journaling, and breathwork can enrich our lives. She emphasizes the importance of nurturing our bodies, minds, and spirits through intentional daily practices.

Furthermore, Jayna introduces the concept of the “3 F’s” – Food, Fitness, & Forgiveness, discussing the significance of nourishing ourselves with nutrient-dense, sustainable food, engaging in daily movement and mobility, and practicing forgiveness towards ourselves and others.

Jayna also shares insights on attracting and interacting with our ideal community, emphasizing the importance of belonging and purpose in our lives.

Jayna Swan is a dynamic speaker and Creative Mindset Mentor, specializing in advanced communication techniques for personal and professional growth. With over a decade of experience in mindset coaching, she guides female creators through transformative shifts in self-love and worthiness.

Jayna holds 18 certifications in mindset, health, relationships, energy work, and speaking, demonstrating her expertise in various fields. Beyond the stage, she’s passionate about movement, enjoying activities like dancing, hiking, and weightlifting. Jayna’s commitment to wellness led her to create the HER Embodiment app, empowering women with movement, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

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