Reviving Ancestral Wisdom: Healing Through Food With Guest Hilary Boynton

Reviving Ancestral Wisdom: Healing Through Food With Guest Hilary Boynton

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July 5, 2024 by *The Lizzie Ens Show

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In this episode of the Lizzie Ens Show, host Lizzie Ens Functional Nutrition Practitioner sits down with Hilary Boynton, an author and the founder of School of Lunch, a pioneering culinary consulting company and training academy. Hilary, a mother of five, shares her remarkable journey of transforming her family’s health through the power of food and nutrition after modern pharmacology fell short. Inspired by Dr. Weston A. Price’s principles, she embarked on a mission to revive the cultural importance of preparing and cooking food using ancestral techniques.

Hilary documented her transformative experience with the GAPS protocol in her book, “The Heal Your Gut Cookbook,” which has become a valuable resource for those seeking healing through diet. As Head of Nutritional Services at The Manzanita School, she revolutionized their food programs and extended her expertise through School of Lunch, educating schools and individuals nationwide on the benefits of scratch-cooking and nutrient-dense meals.

As a self-proclaimed “Lunch Leader,” Hilary is passionate about nurturing a community of leaders committed to reshaping our food culture for future generations. Her advocacy for ancestral culinary practices and the belief that “food is medicine” is timely and urgent in an era marked by dietary challenges and misinformation. Join Lizzie Ens and Hilary Boynton as they delve into how embracing traditional food wisdom can revolutionize health outcomes and empower communities.

Hilary Boynton is an author and the founder of School of Lunch, a training academy and culinary consulting company. Hilary, a mother of 5, underwent a transformative experience years ago. Where modern pharmacology failed her family, she was able to heal chronic disease through the power of food and nutrition. Hilary then set out to reawaken culture to the value of preparing and cooking through the framework of ancestral techniques and practices anchored in the observations of Dr. Weston A. Price.
Hilary documented her journey through the GAPS protocol in her first publication, The Heal Your Gut Cookbook, creating a well referenced companion of recipes and strategies, vital to this category. Hilary then put her ancestral framework of cooking into practice as Head of Nutritional Services at The Manzanita School, a private, nature-based school in Topanga, California. After overhauling the lunch and snack programs, she expanded to share her proven kitchen model with other schools and individuals around the country through the company, School of Lunch. Modeling scratch-cooking, nutrient density, savory menus and strong connections with local food systems, the School of Lunch -Training Academy hosts culinary intensives and retreats, aimed at schools, chefs and individuals seeking to emulate Hilary’s well tested framework and values.

A self-proclaimed “Lunch Leader,“ Hilary is dedicated to building a tribe of leaders to catalyze a cultural shift, with its focus on the future generations – our children. She is a steward of ancestral culinary practices and firm proponent of the overarching belief that food is medicine. Her work is both noble and critical in the face of a civilization overwhelmed by deficient diet trends, nutritional misinformation and she seeks to joyfully disrupt the trend of chronic illness in our children.

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