Brain Health And Neurofeedback Therapy With Guest Melissa Hergert

Brain Health And Neurofeedback Therapy With Guest Melissa Hergert

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March 1, 2024 by *I’m Not Fine - Lizzie Ens

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Have you ever been curious how your brain really works and how you can help it function even better on a daily basis? Join your host Lizzie Ens Functional Nutrition Practitioner with Guest Melissa Hergert owner of Brain Train Centers Inc as we delve into the fascinating realm of brain health and the innovative approach of neurofeedback therapy. Our brains are complex organs, central to our cognitive abilities, emotions, and overall well-being. However, maintaining optimal brain health can be a challenge in today’s fast-paced world filled with various stressors and distractions.

Neurofeedback therapy, also known as EEG biofeedback or brainwave training, offers a promising avenue for enhancing brain function and addressing various neurological conditions. Through real-time monitoring of brainwave activity, individuals can learn to regulate their brain function effectively, leading to improvements in focus, attention, mood regulation, and overall cognitive performance.

In this episode, we’ll explore the science behind neurofeedback therapy, its applications in treating conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and traumatic brain injuries, as well as its potential for optimizing brain performance in healthy individuals.

Tune in and be ready to learn what tools you can start using today to support and enhance your brain health today.

Melissa Hergert, is the CEO of Brain Train Centers. Board certified in Neurofeedback and Amen Brain Health Coach. She is a mother of two girls, 5 and 13 years old. She has owned Brain Train since 2013 and has grown to multiple offices across the country. She offers consulting for other Neurofeedback providers as well as a Coaching Course for anyone that wants to understand the Brain better from a Neurofeedback perspective.

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