TV – Power Of The Mind With Guest Mirsada Memic

TV – Power Of The Mind With Guest Mirsada Memic

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March 2, 2024 by *Value In You with LS Kirkpatrick

Value In You with LS Kirkpatrick 

All women are beautiful, yes you are beautiful. In this show, award winning international #1 bestselling author and speaker, LS Kirkpatrick, host of the Value In You show, and her guest, Mirsada Memic show you how to change the subconscious paradigms aka beliefs, that are keeping you from experience more joy and happiness in your life. Be your own queen, your own warrior of your life and your mind and increase the law of attraction for you.

Mirsda Memic is my own queen originally from Bosnia and Hercegovina, and I am a Goddess of emotion, queen fighter and a warrior as well as your life mindset law of attraction coach, motivational keynote speaker and author. I work with beautiful women who want to change their paradigms , belief’s, so that they can experience more joy and happiness in their life.

A collaborative work from 33 creative individuals.
by LS Kirkpatrick 


~ More About Value In You with LS Kirkpatrick ~ 

LS Kirkpatrick is an 8-time International Best-selling Author, Radio, TV & Podcast Host, Inspirational Speaker, and Guiding Mentor who guides 25-42 year young women who have lost themselves in their schooling, motherhood and careers and are wondering if this is all there is? I thought I was meant to do more.

LS has the wisdom and experience of a life well lived and wants you to know that you have great value in you. No one has had to make the choices you have made. No one has had to live with the choices that others have made that directly affect you. You alone have a uniqueness that only you have. And others want to hear you.

Whether you are doing some soul searching, writing a book for the first time or fifth time, or wanting to be an entrepreneur, LS can guide you to your vision in the way the world does business today. And that is changing often. She stays on top the current trends by educating herself and listening to her coaches and mentors.

As Audrey Hepburn said about the word impossible, “The very word itself says, “I’m possible”.”.

How can LS guide you today?

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