Women’s Sexual Pleasure And Intimacy With Guest Vickie Smith

Women’s Sexual Pleasure And Intimacy With Guest Vickie Smith

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November 6, 2023 by *Heal Your Body with Dr. Jamie Gilliam

Heal Your Body With Dr. Jamie Gilliam 

Join Dr. Jamie Gilliam and guest Vickie Smith for a candid conversation about women’s sexual pleasure and intimacy. This is a topic that is often shrouded in silence and misunderstanding in our society, primarily because of the stigmas and taboos that have been attached to it throughout history. These societal norms and preconceptions create a culture of secrecy and shame that prevents open and honest conversations about a subject that is vital to every person’s well-being and fulfillment. Breaking down these barriers and shedding light on these issues is essential to empower women and promote healthier, more informed discussions about sexual pleasure and intimacy.

Many women have received inadequate or even nonexistent education about their own bodies, and this educational gap often extends only as far as a basic 5th-grade sex education class. As a result, women are left with limited knowledge about their own anatomy, which can lead to a lack of understanding about what brings them physical pleasure. Many women also face barriers including physical conditions, emotional trauma and other underlying factors that can ultimately lead some women to avoid or fear sexual encounters altogether.

In this episode, Dr. Jamie Gilliam and guest Vickie Smith provide practical advice and tools for women who want to find freedom in exploring sexual pleasure and intimacy. Dr Jamie and Vickie will also touch on the importance of seeking professional help when necessary.

Vickie Smith is on a mission to break the silence about women’s sexual pleasure and intimacy. As a wife of 31 years and a mom, she believes this is a topic that is not discussed often enough. She has been teaching women about their bodies and how to enjoy intimacy for nine years. She transition from a career in banking and finance to a full-time Pure Romance consulting career. As a devout Christian, Vickie first struggled with the concept of openly speaking about women’s sexual pleasure and intimacy. She wanted to ensure that her journey would align with her faith and honor God. After seeking advice from her husband and pastor, and after a lot of prayer, Vickie found her true calling: to empower women to find freedom in their bodies and in intimacy.


~ More About Heal Your Body with Dr. Jamie Gilliam ~ 

Dr. Jamie Gilliam is the founder of JG Wellness Clinic, where they specialize in addressing various health concerns, with a focus on thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalances within the endocrine system, autoimmune diseases, and assisting patients striving to achieve weight loss goals. Dr. Jamie holds a PhD in Integrative Medicine and an MS in Exercise Science. Jamie is also a devoted mother to seven children.

Jamie’s personal health challenges with thyroid cancer, cervical cancer, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, and Lupus, caused her to realize that the conventional healthcare system is flawed. Tired of being sick and tired, she decided to navigate a different path.

In her pursuit of better health, Jamie explored alternative approaches to healthcare that emphasized healing rather than merely treating symptoms. Her dissatisfaction with the status quo led her to the decision to further her education and pursue a career in Integrative Medicine. This choice was rooted in her realization that many individuals are dealing with health issues but are not receiving the level of care and attention they need within the traditional healthcare system.

Through her work at JG Wellness Clinic, Dr. Jamie is dedicated to treating the whole person. She gives patients a voice and ensures patients are heard. She offers patients a comprehensive and personalized approach to healthcare, and Jamie encourages her patients to play an active role in their healthcare decisions.


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