Open Mic Spotlight ~ Guest Rhonda Burns

Open Mic Spotlight ~ Guest Rhonda Burns

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February 3, 2017 by Open Mic on Inspired Choices Network

Open Mic Spotlight Radio Show

Open Mic Spotlight PRESENTS Rhonda Burns as today’s Unique Exciting Speaker.

We will dive into all of who Rhonda is and what she is creating in the world, her ideas, messages and anything else that comes forward during the conversation.

A successful and happy entrepreneur, single parent, travel and “likes-to-go-fast” junkie, and toilet-scrubbing house cleaner at times, RHONDA BURNS is more formally known as a dynamically different Global Creation Coach & Intuitive Well-being Expert, as well as a pleasure instigator. She loves her time on virtual and physical stages speaking to audiences with enthusiasm and a lot of jazz-hands, writing best-selling books, & playing in the media on her weekly radio show. 

The creator and ambassador for Rock the Motherload, Rhonda is dedicated to the reclamation of women’s power, potency & pleasure so they can create outrageously turned-on lives they desire. She facilitates and coaches the brave ones to rock change like a lady-boss, aka rock star. Gracefully & tenaciously going toe-to-toe with any limitation, she assists her clients in boldly transforming their lives, bodies and relationships with efficiency, ease, laughter and playfulness. Rhonda is based out of Dallas, TX where she co-creates a fun and enjoyable home with her son, Bowen, who likes to remind her that this life thing really is all about the pleasure and the joy of it.

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