TV – Losing Weight After 60: Yes, You Can! ~ Guest Dr Zahurin Mohamed

TV – Losing Weight After 60: Yes, You Can! ~ Guest Dr Zahurin Mohamed

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September 21, 2021 by Open Mic on Inspired Choices Network

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Middle age spread – the struggle is real!

Do you ever think “Oh well. This is how my body looks now?” There is an explanation for it and a way to help you change your sluggish metabolism. Don’t give up on your body just yet. Join us as we discuss why this happens and what we can do to help us overcome the excess weight after a certain age.

Dr Zahurin Mohamed obtained her BSc and PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Dundee (UK), joined the University of Malaya as academic staff and stayed for almost 40 years, then retired from full-time service as Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Malaya (UM) 5 years ago, and is presently an honorary professor at the same university. Following retirement, Prof Datin Zahurin set up Shaliscare Nursing and Services Sdn Bhd to provide nursing care to patients staying at home and is presently the Executive Director for Hang Seng Healthcare as well as being a Distributor and Wellness & Weight Management Consultant for NuSkin.

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