The Marketing, Money & Mindset Trifecta with Kristen Miller

The Marketing, Money & Mindset Trifecta with Kristen Miller

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September 27, 2021 by Open Mic on Inspired Choices Network

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On todays Open Mic we talk Marketing, Money and Mindset with Kristen Miller. We really do need all 3 to thrive in our world today, from solopreneurs to big companies. Kristen will share tips for Marketing Magic: what’s working, what’s not, what you want and what you need. We look at setting money goals that inspire, empower and motivate YOU for life. Let’s go inside Money Management & how the Energetic Alchemy, and the 5-7-9 Money Model works. Mindset mastery is part of the puzzle and Kristen shares her Thoroughbred Thinking on gaining clarity, reducing overwhelm & getting organized.

Kristen Miller began her entrepreneurial journey from humble beginnings, having started her first business in 2010 with nothing but a laptop and big dreams. Three years later, she became an audited millionaire paying multiple 6-figures in payroll taxes alone; and she subsequently bought, built and/or sold another four companies across five countries and three continents.

On Christmas Day 2015, however, Kristen realized she was unfulfilled… She decided to eliminate all the hustle from her life and focus on one thing exclusively: to help other people create a life and business they adore leading every day… sans the stress or family sacrifice. After a career sabbatical on a tropical island in 2017, Kristen came back rearing to go with her revamped Flaming Silver brand: the small business she’d been trading privately since 2011. She again strategically expanded her business globally. She thrives today because of a powerful principle: A life without fulfilment is an empty one.  

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