Open Mic Spotlight ~ Guest Alun Jones

Open Mic Spotlight ~ Guest Alun Jones

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January 27, 2017 by Open Mic on Inspired Choices Network

Open Mic Spotlight Radio Show

Open Mic Spotlight PRESENTS Alun Jones as today’s Unique Exciting Speaker!

We will dive into all of who Alun is and what he is creating in the world, her ideas, messages and anything else that comes forward during the conversation. 

Alun Jones knows that more is possible for everyone, if they’re willing to choose it. Two key themes for Alun for everything he chooses in life are whether it will be a kindness to himself and the world and whether it will create more for the entire world. More what? More expansion, more deliciousness, more sexualness, more fun, more joy, more excitement, more money, and allowance. More of everything, for everyone.  During a session with Alun, you get to choose what you talk about, become more aware of where you’ve been limiting yourself, and explore possibilities and choices that you’ve never considered before. Is now the time for you to explore your deepest, darkest closet and allow who you truly are to emerge resplendent and in sexy and delicious acknowledgement and allowance of everything you are?

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