TV ~ The Value Of A Virtual Assistant ~ Guest Billie Gardner

TV ~ The Value Of A Virtual Assistant ~ Guest Billie Gardner

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April 20, 2021 by The Kathleen Riessen Show

Profit Launch With Kathleen Riessen 

Our to do lists are growing but our staff doesn’t always grow with it. On today’s show, I invited my friend Billie Gardner, Founder of Desire to Done and the Introvert VA Club, to a conversation about the value of a virtual assistant, how to get one and how to utilize one. We also talk about how she turned her gift of being an introverted virtual assistant into a growing business that serves other introverts. If you are an introvert or you know an introvert (so all of us), join us on this show to hear all kinds of tips and tricks. I’ll be taking lots of notes.

Billie is a coach and educator who helps both Virtual Assistants and those wanting to hire a Virtual Assistant. She has courses on Skillshare and Listenable and recently published a book on Amazon. In 2020 her website was listed in One Woman Shop’s “100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs” under the Virtual Assistant category. She has a membership called the Introvert VA Club that helps introverts run their business in a way that supports their energy levels and gifts. She lives in FL with her husband and two doggie daughters.

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