Leadership Horror Stories: Halloween Edition ~ Kathleen Riessen

Leadership Horror Stories: Halloween Edition ~ Kathleen Riessen

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October 31, 2022 by The Kathleen Riessen Show

The Kathleen Riessen Show 

It’s Halloween and we’ve got a spooky show planned for you. What’s spookier than a bad boss? We all have leadership horror stories that makes us want to cry and laugh at the same time. In today’s show, we’ve collected leadership horror stories from our listeners and are going to share, anonymously of course, these frightening experiences. There will be scares. There will be laughs. This is a don’t miss Halloween episode!


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As a former Certified Public Accountant turned marketing strategist turned serial entrepreneur, Kathleen has coached and consulted with over a thousand executives and entrepreneurs. What she’s learned is that the number one strategy to grow a business and create what you want in life lies in your ability to be vulnerable and authentic and to surrender.

As the Queen of Possibility, Kathleen showcases what you can create in your world with joy and ease.




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