TV – Piss Off Perfect and Release Your Authentic Bad Ass! Speaker Michelle Fournier

TV – Piss Off Perfect and Release Your Authentic Bad Ass! Speaker Michelle Fournier

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February 3, 2023 by Clarity Confidence Connection

A fun and insightful twist on the topic of perfection. We’ll look at the concept of perfection – in essence how many people pursue perfection or ‘being good enough’ without actually having a clear picture of what that really means. Instead, we’ll look at some simple truths for living a life that is fulfilling simply by being you. Michelle Fournier is the ultimate Possibilitarian! She is a Master Mindset and Life Coach, as well as a standup comedian. Michelle uses her life experiences, to include 24 years as an Army Nurse who jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, to give her clients the tools they need to free their authentic bad-ass and create a life that makes their heart sing!

As a Master Practitioner of NLP, she uses a proven system to break through self-sabotage and accelerate lasting positive change. Michelle is known for her candid and uncanny ability to ‘see’ you. She is someone who will reach in and deeply grab your heart while giving you a quick swift kick in the booty if you need it. Michelle works with women who are high achievers and still don’t feel good enough, women who want a change in their lives but don’t know what or how or are still looking for their purpose. Michelle’s passion is to help you create a life where you are in alignment and Free to Be You – without apology or explanation. 

Michelle Fournier is the co-author of Freeing Godiva, a Woman’s Journey of Self-Empowerment. Her most recent co-authored book The Sacred Dance: Wisdom from Leaders Living a Soul-Led Life is an international Amazon best seller. And Her WOW Book – Your Evidence and Strategy Book for Success will be released in July.

Michelle lives in Lakewood with her fiancée and loves to play golf in tropical settings. Her favorite birthday cake is white Oreo cookies.

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