Clarity Confidence Connection Summit

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit, where Badass Women Breakthrough Barriers and Unlock Their Next Level of Success and Build Bonds with other Badass Business Owners!

Build Bonds With The Other Badass Women That Will Allow You To Step Into Your Power With Purpose And Passion!

Join us on an amazing journey of personal transformation to break through barriers and embrace your true potential.

Over the last few years, Ranchelle Van Bryce, Candace McKim and, Samantha Kaaua have been working together  to help empower women everywhere by providing a space where they can form meaningful connections without judgement or fear. Find clarity boost self-confidence as we create bonds that will help launch lasting success – the sky is no limit here!



June 9, 2023-TV – 3 Spiritual Secrets to Uplevel Your Business and Personal Evolution – Speaker Cheryl Stelte

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit Discover the Three Life-Changing Spiritual Secrets! Unlock ultimate healing and empowerment with a bonus secret unveiled! Explore the life-transforming spiritual secrets that have already guided countless individuals towards healing and empowerment. With practise, you can experience monumental growth and transformation in every aspect of your life. FREE Gift: The ACE Method -...

June 9, 2023-TV – Attention Women Over 50: 3x Your Energy in 3 Days – Speaker Sharon North Pohl

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit Get tips to Get Up with More Energy, Get Dressed and ready with more self-esteem. Get Out with more passion and Joy to rock your bucket list. FREE Gift: Zest Assessment and 30 min. Free call to review assessment Sharon Is a sassy woman in her seventies who loves to wear bright, exotic clothing, sharing stories of traveling around the...

June 9, 2023-TV – Magnetic Marketing: Mastering Mindset and Messaging on Social Media – Speaker Claire Niibu-Akau

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit Claire Niibu-Akau aka Biz Coach Claire helps women unlock their true potential and create positive shifts in their lives. She is an author, speaker, and transformation coach. When the pandemic left her unemployed, she quickly pivoted to become a coach. Within 9 months, she built a six-figure business, focusing on empowering women entrepreneurs. She talks about Magnetic Marketing...

June 9, 2023-TV – Soul Healing: Clearing Energetic Blockages for Abundance & Success Using Colors – Speaker Chloee Teng

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit Discover the power of soul healing using colors, where we will discuss how we can use colors to clear energetic blockages, remove negative information, and manifest abundance and success. By clearing energetic blockages or negative information at the root - the soul - you can transform all aspect of your life. Whether you are new to energy healing or an experienced practitioner,...

June 9, 2023-TV – Breaking Barriers: How to Overcome Obstacles to Achieve Success – Speaker Lisa Benavidez

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit Ever feel like life keeps throwing you curve balls and your struggles are so overwhelming it feels like you can't do anything but survive? It's time to uncover your purpose and break through the barriers that keep you stuck. I'll show you how to use the obstacles of life to fuel your success and create a life and/or business you love! FREE Gift: Goal Setting with...

June 9, 2023-TV – From Chronic Fatigue to Vibrant Living – Speaker Lana Kirtley

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit Is your health journey feeling futile? Are you wondering "what's next" for aches, pains and pills? Vibrant Living is possible when you "Declare" that you are worthy and then take the steps with Lana to discover and design your vibrant living plan. FREE Gift: Hormone Love Bundle Lana Kirtley is a passionate health coach and a...

June 9, 2023-TV – How To Fix A Failing Marriage – Speaker Samantha Kaaua

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit Join Samantha as she shares her own triumphant story of how she created her own marriage miracle against all odds. She will teach you her three top marriage mindshifts to help you overcome any relationship challenges you may be facing.  FREE Gift: Do I Stay or Do I Go? Guide Samantha Kaaua is a bestselling author, speaker, Marriage...

June 9, 2023-TV – Your Road Map to Victory – Speaker Suzanna Webb

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit We will explore the benefits of using a road map to achieve your personal and professional goals, and how utilizing this road map can help you turn your dreams into a reality. We will delve into the importance of setting achievable goals, creating a clear plan with action steps, staying motivated, accountable, and building a support system along the journey. Suzanna Webb is a...

June 9, 2023-TV – How To Trust Your Intuition to Follow Your Purpose – Speaker Shelley Hoffos

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit My story of many challenges including a near death experience on a path of choosing to believe in myself and my unique gifts. Stepping into my truth and authenticity to follow my dreams and to eventually find success. FREE Gift: 10 minute: Intuitive Activation + Authentic Truth Meditation Shelley is a...

June 9, 2023-TV – Communication Problems Need Loving Solutions – Speaker Tammie Oram

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit Tammie will share with you the concept of the Five Love Languages, as described by Gary Chapman, and how they can help you connect on a deeper level with your loved ones. She will explain how to identify your own love language and that of your partner, and how to communicate your needs and desires clearly. By using the Five Love Languages, you can create a more meaningful and...
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