TV – Soul Healing: Clearing Energetic Blockages for Abundance & Success Using Colors – Speaker Chloee Teng

TV – Soul Healing: Clearing Energetic Blockages for Abundance & Success Using Colors – Speaker Chloee Teng

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June 9, 2023 by Clarity Confidence Connection

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Discover the power of soul healing using colors, where we will discuss how we can use colors to clear energetic blockages, remove negative information, and manifest abundance and success. By clearing energetic blockages or negative information at the root – the soul – you can transform all aspect of your life. Whether you are new to energy healing or an experienced practitioner, this speech provides valuable insights to help you tap into your soul’s infinite wisdom and align with the flow of abundance and success.

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Meet Chloee Teng – an intuitive empowerment coach helping women align to their soul’s essence, unlock their inner power, and manifest abundance and success in all areas of their lives through ancient Tao wisdom, soul healing color therapy, and frequencies.

Chloee’s signature program was inspired by her own experience of constantly hustling and working too hard on a demanding career while trying to balance the demands of motherhood. Her struggles led her on a personal quest to find balance and joy in her life again, which birthed her mission to help other women slow down, find peace, and clear energetic blockages so they can reclaim their power and create the life of their dreams.

As a certified life coach, holistic wellness coach, aromatherapist, and meditation facilitator, Chloee creates personal and group coaching programs to help overachieving women find balance, clear energetic blockages, and manifest their dreams. Her corporate training and instructional design background serve her well as she repurposes her skills for creating personalized coaching programs tailored to her client’s needs.

Chloee’s work is focused on helping women to align with their soul’s essence so they can unlock their full potential and manifest abundance and success in all areas of their lives. She offers her services virtually in both English and Mandarin and is also a contributing author to the upcoming book “Truth Speaks.”

To learn more about Chloee and her work, follow her on Instagram @chloeeteng or book a free exploration call by emailing

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