TV ~ Operation Underground Railroad with Guest Hayden Paul

TV ~ Operation Underground Railroad with Guest Hayden Paul

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March 9, 2021 by The Kathleen Riessen Show

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Building a heart-centered non-profit business starts with knowing exactly the kind of world you want to live in and then creating it. Today’s show features Hayden Paul with Operation Underground Railroad. We cover what is OUR, why Hayden became a part of this organization, how it got started, what challenges the organization faces, how they fund the organization and how people can support it. I learned about this organization while leading a team in a personal development program and have been intrigued by what they are up to and how their vision of eradicating human trafficking is happening. Listen in on this show and see what it takes to create the world you want to live in.

Hayden Paul is the Assistant Director of Donor Relations at Operation Underground Railroad, also known as O.U.R. Having been on the front lines of undercover anti-child trafficking operations he has seen the plague of modern-day slavery first hand. Since its inception in 2014, O.U.R. has assisted in the rescue and aftercare of thousands of survivors of human trafficking around the world.

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