TV – Creating the Impossible Speaker Bea-Marie Aning

TV – Creating the Impossible Speaker Bea-Marie Aning

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February 3, 2023 by Clarity Confidence Connection

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You have probably been asked before at some point, if you could have, do and be anything that you want, what that would be. A Superstar? A Superhero? Eternally happy? Incredibly wealthy? And the moment you start thinking about it, there is an inner voice that tells you „a cobbler should stick to his last“. We are trained to achieve, to hustle, to do, but only in the boundaries society provides for us. 

But what if we could escape that? What if the exception is actually the norm? What if we could break free from the shackles of the status quo and create the „impossible“? 

In her Talk, that is exactly what Bea-Marie Aning will cover. She will be unmasking the strategies that are holding you back from being the greatest version of yourself and give tips and tricks to look outside your pond and see the big wide ocean behind it. She is the revolutionary behind the Superwoman Revolution. Her story has been featured in Women in Business, Grazia and Inc Magazine and her Clients call her their secret weapon to success. She has dedicated her life to being of service and inspiring people to live their best life, do what they believe in and create the impossible.

With over a decade of experience in transformational coaching Bea-Marie Aning has helped Performers, Artists, Managers, Teamleaders, to live their best life, do what they believe in and create the impossible. As a professional dancer and Actress she knows what it takes to own a room and as an Energy Master Healer and Flow-Enthusiast she bridges the Gap between Science and Woo Woo. She is also the Host of the 52 Weeks of Flow Podcast and Co-Author of the upcoming Book „Inspired Connections“. 

She is called the Human Potential Upgreater , because by „creating the impossible“, Bea-Marie uses her expert knowledge and innovative methods to transform that ‚content‘ feeling into greatness.

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