The Power Of The Mind To Achieve Golden Alignment ~ Guest Zoilita Grant

The Power Of The Mind To Achieve Golden Alignment ~ Guest Zoilita Grant

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February 7, 2018 by Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden

Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show

So why is that important…because they need to be in sync for you to have the Golden Alignment. When the conscious and the subconscious disagrees the subconscious always. When you line up you become in sync! You’ll want to tune-in and listen to Zoilita Grant as she has a delightful way of making complex concepts easy to understand and implement. That is why we love to talk about The Power Of The Mind To Achieve Golden Alignment.

Zoilita Grant has been using hypnosis to help her clients achieve personal and professional success for nearly 50 years. She uses the tools and techniques of coaching with the power and punch of hypnosis. She is committed to the evolution of humanity through the transformation of consciousness. She is eager to share tools to help achieve this. This will be a lively discussion of how to easily align your conscious and subconscious minds.

Zoilita is internationally known in hypnosis, which she has been practicing for nearly 50 years. During that time, she created a line of self-hypnosis meditations for the public, wrote twenty-seven books for hypnosis practitioners, and founded Colorado Coaching where she taught five styles of hypnosis. Zoilita has dedicated much of her life to helping people help themselves, and has found that coaching, combined with hypnosis, is an extremely powerful model to help clients breakthrough limits and unleash the latent potential that lies within each of us! Zoilita brings to her practice a diverse background and education in psychotherapy, hypnosis and coaching. In addition to in-person sessions, workshops and intensives, she works with clients worldwide via phone and Skype. Please visit her web site

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~ More about Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden ~ 

Have you ever hit that sweet spot where everything’s going right, doors open and opportunities magically appear? That is what Golden Alignment is all about. Dr. Beth Golden loves to both play in that Golden space and teach others how to get there and stay there! On some shows Dr. Golden will interview guests, varying in age and expertise, who will share stories about the before and after of their Golden Alignment moments.

Dr. Beth Golden was inspired to create this show when she listened to a talk about “What Does My Future Self Know? By Christine McIver. It became abundantly clear that she was NOT in alignment with what her soul was calling her to do. Fortunately, she was only a few ticks away from her magical Golden Alignment and this show is an outflowing of that alignment.

Dr. Beth Golden is a Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Radio Show Host. With doctorates in Metaphysics and Divinity. Her genius lies in teaching people how to align with their golden purpose. The foundational principles of her signature program are: Loving yourself; Living in gratitude and Allowing the Universe to move on your behalf.

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