Knowing Your What’s And Why’s Creates Clarity & Golden Alignment ~ Dr. Beth Golden

Knowing Your What’s And Why’s Creates Clarity & Golden Alignment ~ Dr. Beth Golden

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May 16, 2018 by Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden

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We live in a vibrational world where like attracts like. This concept may be easy to understand yet I always want to know to HOW to do things. Getting to and staying in a high vibrational state can be a challenge. Dr. Golden is a bridge between scientific concepts and practical spirituality so you can take ideas and turn them into 3D realities. In today’s show Dr. Golden will provide some simple “How To’s” so you can “BE” in a feeling state to attract all you desire with ease and grace…thus creating more money, serving more people while using your gifts to thrive.

~ More about Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden ~ 

Have you ever hit that sweet spot where everything’s going right, doors open and opportunities magically appear? That is what Golden Alignment is all about. Dr. Beth Golden loves to both play in that Golden space and teach others how to get there and stay there! On some shows Dr. Golden will interview guests, varying in age and expertise, who will share stories about the before and after of their Golden Alignment moments.

Dr. Beth Golden was inspired to create this show when she listened to a talk about “What Does My Future Self Know? By Christine McIver. It became abundantly clear that she was NOT in alignment with what her soul was calling her to do. Fortunately, she was only a few ticks away from her magical Golden Alignment and this show is an outflowing of that alignment.

Dr. Beth Golden is a Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Radio Show Host. With doctorates in Metaphysics and Divinity. Her genius lies in teaching people how to align with their golden purpose. The foundational principles of her signature program are: Loving yourself; Living in gratitude and Allowing the Universe to move on your behalf.

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