Golden Alignment ~ Dr. Beth Golden


Have you ever hit that sweet spot where everything’s going right, doors open and opportunities magically appear? That is what Golden Alignment is all about. Dr. Beth Golden loves to both play in that Golden space and teach others how to get there and stay there! On some shows Dr. Golden will interview guests, varying in age and expertise, who will share stories about the before and after of their Golden Alignment moments.



April 18, 2018-A Male Advocate For Women’s Financial Freedom ~ Guest Trevor Mickelson

Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show Trevor Mickelson was raised in a household where his mother was the breadwinner and father was a stay-at-home dad. Because of this, he saw first hand the disparity in a women's earning potential compared to a man's. Although great strides have taken place in this country, we're far from financial equality even though it is predicted that women will hold 63% of our...

April 11, 2018-What is Your Relationship with Money? ~ Dr. Beth Golden

Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show It is important to have the discussion that no one really likes to have. Beth Golden, Phd discusses her changing relationship with money and how that has either created expansion or constriction. Although money is just energy, we attach a variety of emotions and/or stories to it. If we simply breathe and take our head out of the sand we can make money our best friend...

April 4, 2018-Libby James Shares A Lifetime Of Golden Alignments

Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show Libby James literally grabs life and runs with it. As Libby says "I didn’t walk until I was 18 months old, and I didn’t run a step until 1972." She began competing in 1978 at forty years of age and continues to compete to this day. In 2012 Libby was inducted into the Colorado Running Hall of Fame and in 2016 she was inducted into the USATF Masters Hall of Fame....

March 28, 2018-Going Within To Create Service And Success On The Outside ~ Mark Darren Gregor

Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show For more than 20 years, Mark Darren Gregor’s intuitive insight, strategic perspective and unwavering belief in human potential has been the mainstay of his success — and resilience — as an executive thought-leader, consultant and coach. Mark is well respected yet knew at his core he was called to incorporate the missing link with executives...that of Going...

March 21, 2018-Dancing With Death Revealed A Vast Sea of Unconditional Love

Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show Marlene Zaleznick is many things in life: energy healer; body-centered therapist, worthiness coach, wife, mother, friend and now adds to the list woman healing from cancer. In August of 2016 she received a dire diagnosis of Stage 4 lung cancer. Her identity and her future dissolved in that moment. With death as her intimate companion, she embarked on a healing...

March 14, 2018-The Amazing Golden Alignments for 2018 ~ Guest Kate Solisti

 Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show Kate Solisti is an animal communicator and has been since childhood. It is an amazing gift which presented challenges in her youth. When she would share...people wouldn't believe her our would discredit her which caused her to shut it all down. Yet the soul cannot be denied and Kate Solisti has fully embraced her gifts. She is an international author with book...

March 7, 2018-The Power Of Social Media ~ Leslie Carol Botha

Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show Social Media was the last thing on Leslie Carol Botha's mind and certainly NOT her Golden Alignment. When asked; "What do you do?" She would respond..."I'm a Women's Health Advocate". Indeed she is! Leslie has been a hormone health coach for years AND speaks internationally as an advocate for autistic children. During this interview many will identify with the...

February 28, 2018-Live And Laugh On Purpose ~ Guest Dr. Sharon Montes

Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show In almost three decades of working as a physician, Dr. Sharon Montes has cared for clients in many settings including emergency rooms, trauma centers, nursing homes as well as private and county clinics. This experience has emphasized the importance of not only addressing the physical signs of disease and dysfunction but also healing the underlying mental, emotional...

February 21, 2018-How Miracles Happen With Golden Alignment ~ Guest Danielle Kirk

Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show Danielle Kirk is one of the most tenacious ladies you'll ever met. In today's show, she will share her 10 year battle with suicidal depression which began after a life threatening accident which caused a severe traumatic brain injury. Danielle's story of going from an accomplished executive to surviving and recovering from a near-death accident to repeated career...

February 14, 2018-The Seven Qualities Of Black Belt Leadership ~ Guest Chris Natzke

Golden Alignment with Dr. Beth Golden Radio Show Chris Natze's greatest foundational principles in life where developed in a martial arts training hall. Chris is a seventh degree black belt and former national champion in Tae Kwon Do. As he matured Chris became the owner of his own martial arts school influencing the lives of thousands of students. The discipline and mastery of his art prepared Chris Natzke for his...