The Moment I Became Unshakeable – Margaret Dennis

The Moment I Became Unshakeable – Margaret Dennis

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May 14, 2024 by *Sparks of Hope, Shooting for Success

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Grief is like a wrecking ball that comes crashing through your life, often unexpectedly, leaving you shattered in a million pieces, feeling hopeless, alone, and broken. Grief is a sad, lonely, and scary place to live and for many of us the idea of picking up our broken pieces and putting them back together is overwhelming and exhausting – so we stay stuck in our grief. The idea of EVER feeling joy again seems like a distant dream, overshadowed by the weight of guilt for even considering happiness amidst the pain.

That’s where Margaret was in 2016 when her marriage of 14-years ended. Finding herself alone as a single mom to her 8-year-old daughter was like the proverbial final nail in the coffin. Dreams of happily-ever-after were shattered and her future uncertain. Margaret had weathered many grief events in her lifetime, including the loss of her 3-day old son in 2008, and she had pushed so much pain down inside of her that she was like a pressure cooker of grief ready to explode. The end of her marriage sent her spiralling down into the darkest feelings of unworthiness, insecurity, and sadness. It was her tipping point. It was also her turning point.

Join Margaret for her powerful and inspiring talk where she reveals the pivotal moments that led her out of the dark abyss of her grief and into a life filled with resilience and unwavering self-belief. To a place where she became unshakeable.

With warmth, humour, and self-compassion, Margaret offers a roadmap for navigating grief and emerging unshakeable on the other side. Her vulnerable and empowering story serves as a beacon of hope, guiding others through their own healing journey and reminding them that joy is not only attainable but also their right.


Margaret is a Women’s Life Empowerment & Grief Coach, TEDx Speaker, #1 International Bestselling Author, Certified Dare2Declare™ Vision Board Facilitator, Founder & CEO of EVOLV coaching, and Co-Founder of Unshakeable ME Summer Camps for Teenage Girls.

In 2008, Margaret faced the unbearable loss of her 3-day-old son, twin to her daughter, Lily. This devastating experience plunged her into the depths of grief, where she confronted her deepest fears and unearthed layers of past trauma. Within her pain, she discovered an unshakeable inner strength that ignited her life’s purpose: to empower women who have experienced trauma and grief to feel so worthy that they can’t help but live a life of joy and passion.

Today, Margaret feeds her passion by supporting women to heal and find joy through her exclusive 1:1 empowHER Awakening coaching program, her Sacred Circle membership program, customized workshops, motivational writing, leading at women’s healing retreats, and keynote speaking.

Margaret Dennis


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