TV – Redefining Your Relationship With Food – Michaela Gaffen Stone

TV – Redefining Your Relationship With Food – Michaela Gaffen Stone

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May 16, 2024 by *Sparks of Hope, Shooting for Success

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Join Michaela Gaffen Stone, BCBA, Certified Nutrition Coach and Human behavior Expert, as she explores what it means to redefine your relationship with food. She has lived in 8 countries to date and enjoyed good health until her move to America. The shift to the Standard American Diet (SAD) took a toll, leading to steady weight gain and declining well-being. Facing a crucial choice between relying on an over burdened healthcare system for managing symptoms or reclaiming control, Michaela chose the path leading to life and longevity through self-care.

In a world inundated with fad diets, quick fixes, and conflicting nutritional advice, it’s easy to lose sight of what it feels like to be truly healthy. You don’t know how badly you feel until that consistently ‘low’ feeling is replaced by true well-being. Whether you’re struggling with chronic health issues, disordered eating patterns, or simply seeking a more balanced and fulfilling relationship with food, Michaela will inspire, educate, and empower you to embrace self-care as the ultimate form of health care. You too can redefine your relationship with food and cultivate a nourishing lifestyle that honors body, mind, and spirit.


Born in England, Michaela is a lifelong learner and nomad who considers herself a global citizen—her origins are a narrative, not a fixed location. She pursued fitness and nutrition studies in Malaysia while owning and operating a women-only boutique gym.

Michaela’s educational journey led her to the USA, where she attained certification as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. This deep dive into the science of behavior change unveiled insights into human potential and the intricacies of human behavior. Drawing from her expertise in both nutrition and behavior analysis, Michaela is on a mission to revolutionize the world’s relationship with food, one individual at a time.


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