TV – Play: The Portal to Produce Your Best Life – Dr. Tina Koopersmith

TV – Play: The Portal to Produce Your Best Life – Dr. Tina Koopersmith

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May 16, 2024 by *Sparks of Hope, Shooting for Success

Sparks of Hope, Shooting for Success Summit

Pleasure and purpose — which comes from alignment of body and soul are critical for a soulful life.

Like a car , this human machine-needs to refuel and recharge —but food and water , movement and rest are only the physical replenishment (think gasoline ),
Pleasure and play, alongside gratitude and purpose are the keys to spiritual replenishment (the analogy for the car is the additional need for oil, the alternator & the battery & routine tuneups)

Learning your unique code to pleasure can be like learning if your machine runs on aaa, aa, c or d batteries. DO you know how to live in peak state. Do you know how to ignite your spark, and kindle the fire within.? And would you believe me if I told you that if you had thekeys to unlock your peak state, your whole experience on this planet would be more radiant.

New found Self acceptance would lead to increased compassion for others.

Relationships would improve. Life would happen with more ease and flow


Tina Koopersmith MD is a physician AND coach, best-selling author, speaker, athlete, perpetual student and always a mom. ( can you tell she is a shapeshifter). She is dedicated to modifying our health care system from one focused on illness and sickness to one devoted to prevention and wellness.

For 30 years as a fertility specialist, she focused on bringing life to her patients and now she wants to bring humans back to life. She wants to remind us all that EROTICISM is the SECRET sauce to wellness.

Prioritizing Pleasure reminds our nervous system that we are safe in our bodies—. And Sexuality and Play can be a great way to re-member ourselves back to wholeness before life led to dis-memberment & brokenness. We need to nourish all 4 of our bodies: the mind body, the heart body, the physical body and the energetic body because we are ALL worthy of self-care, self-acceptance and self-love.


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