Special Episode Amish Q & A – Lizzie Ens

Special Episode Amish Q & A – Lizzie Ens

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May 3, 2024 by *The Lizzie Ens Show

I’m Not Fine with Lizzie Ens

Welcome to the latest episode on the I’m Not Fine show where we delve into the intriguing world of the Amish community with your host, Lizzie Ens. Lizzie is not only a Board Certified Functional Nutrition Coach but also a former member of the Amish community, offering a unique perspective on life within its strict confines.

Have you ever pondered what it’s like living inside one of the strictest Amish communities? Well, wonder no more as Lizzie shares her firsthand experiences and insights. Having left the community over two decades ago, she’s on a mission to shed light on both the joys and challenges of Amish life.

In this episode, Lizzie invites you, the audience, to ask questions about the Amish way of life. Whether you’re curious about their traditions, beliefs, or daily routines, Lizzie is here to provide answers based on her personal journey.

But it’s not all about the struggles—Lizzie is passionate about highlighting the goodness within the Amish community. Through her new book, “Amish Renegade,” available on Amazon, she offers a captivating glimpse into her journey of breaking free while embracing her roots.

~ More About I’m Not Fine with Lizzie Ens ~ 

Lizzie Ens Is the Founder of UnDiet Yourself, a Board Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Personal trainer, Author of Escaping My Reflection, Speaker, Radio/TV & Podcast Host. 

Lizzie Ens, is a former Amish girl who chose to jump for a better life and future at the age of 19 leaving everything she knew up until then; her entire community and family behind. Lizzie is now on a mission to make an impact by helping people get more energy, get better sleep and rebalance their hormones by focusing on whole body healing so their body can function at its best and take them from feeling just fine to feeling amazing.



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