Your Personality Determines Your Life ~ Guest David Simpson

Your Personality Determines Your Life ~ Guest David Simpson

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March 19, 2018 by Open Mic on Inspired Choices Network

Open Mic Spotlight Radio Show

Open Mic Spotlight PRESENTS David Simpson as today’s Unique Exciting Speaker.  David will be sharing with how personality determines your life, and how you can control your personality.

David Simpson is an engineer by training. Like many engineers, he struggled to get along with people, yet was able to rise to the level of Director of Operations at a mid-sized food company, based largely on his ability to problem solve and train other engineers. Valuing self-improvement, David found himself in a communications course based on personality types, and his curiosity was piqued! 

A decade later, David is a certified consultant and trainer in 2 personality systems, and helps develop sales, leadership and relationship skills in people looking to move their life to the next level.

David’s website is, and he is on “all the parents social media” (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the user ID of davidsimpson360,

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