Open Mic Spotlight ~ Guest Kathy Williams

Open Mic Spotlight ~ Guest Kathy Williams

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February 20, 2017 by Open Mic on Inspired Choices Network

Open Mic Spotlight Radio Show

Open Mic Spotlight brings you today’s Unique Exciting Speaker  Kathy Williams.  Kathy will be sharing her messages, ideas, creations and much more with us today!

Kathy Williams, CFMW, is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Yoga Therapist. She has co-author of two bestselling books, I‘m Having It, and Possibilities in Parenting and now Relationships Done Easy.

For over 15 years Kathy has been sharing tools and techniques to empower people to move beyond physical & emotional pain and into lives of joyous possibility.  From new businesses & careers, to raises, from meeting a partner to creating a life, Kathy is a master at helping people get what they want.  With an international client base, her clients range from the very young to individuals in their 80’s. 

​Drawing on her depth of experience using the practical, effective tools of Access Consciousness, ancient wisdom practices of breath, movement, and meditation, and mind-changing tools of NLP, Kathy brings with her not only a wealth of knowledge but also her ebullient joy, kindness and uncanny ability to zero in on the most potent tool to apply to get the greatest result.

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