Open Mic Spotlight ~ Guest Darcee Jean Gundlock ~ Radio Show Contestant

Open Mic Spotlight ~ Guest Darcee Jean Gundlock ~ Radio Show Contestant

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December 29, 2017 by Open Mic on Inspired Choices Network

Open Mic Spotlight Radio Show

Open Mic Spotlight PRESENTS Darcee Jean Gundlock as a Unique Exciting Speaker! & Semi-Finalist in the Radio Show Contest 2017!

We will dive into all of who Darcee Jean is, what she is creating in the world, her ideas, messages and anything else that comes forward during the conversation.

Darcee Jean Gundlock ~ Living in the realm of what else is possible, Darcee Jean has spent her life boldly and often stupidly attempting whatever anyone else raised an eyebrow at. Her goal is to attain the world’s largest collection of hats to switch between and look good doing it. Her resume contains things like Valedictorian, CEO of non profit, Public Speaking Champion, Livestock Producer, Riding Instructor, Horse Show Judge, Herbalist, Writer, Award Winning Poet, Internet Chat Moderator, Mensa Member, Political Activist and Humorist. She is the Queen of quips and one liners, Mom to two children, proud new Grandma and stay at home caregiver to her autistic daughter. Nicked named “Fearless Leader”, she is know to be very vocal and handy with the use of her seemingly endless supply of “Can’O’Whupass”.

She has entered the contest for the radio show with an entry dubbed “Above Resilience” as a resource for parents and caregivers of special needs individuals, to be their lighthouse, the light at the end of the tunnel, throwing a life preserver and reassuring them that there is a good life to be lived, one of abundance and joy, just a few steps past survival and resilience.

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