Life Begins at 60: How to Make it to 100 – Speaker Nan McKay

Life Begins at 60: How to Make it to 100 – Speaker Nan McKay

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June 7, 2023 by Clarity Confidence Connection

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In the empowering speech, “Life Begins at 60: How to Make it to 100,” the speaker explores the exciting journey awaiting women aged 50 and above as they approach or enter “retirement.: Emphasizing the importance of a growth mindset, curiosity, and creativity, the speech offers valuable insights into unlocking one’s potential, embracing change, and thriving in this new chapter of life.

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Nan McKay is a speaker, leadership program creator, digital marketer, entrepreneur, podcaster, and author who specializes in business services providing do-it-for-you products and services with a passion for helping women small business owners over 50 achieve success. Read her international best-seller on Amazon, Gold in the Golden Years.

Nan offers an Emerging Leaders Program, TrailBlazers Quiz Funnels, and Startup Business and Marketing Guides, Worksheets, and Templates that are tailored to suit individual businesses, as well as a podcast and YouTube channels.

Nan is the President of the Board of a successful company she founded in 1980, which now employs over 2000 people. She has two buildings in Minnesota named in her honor: the Nan McKay Building and McKay Manor.






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