Empowered Parents Empowering Kids ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish – Parent Whisperer

Empowered Parents Empowering Kids ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish – Parent Whisperer

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March 14, 2018 by Open Mic on Inspired Choices Network

 Open Mic Spotlight Radio Show

Open Mic Spotlight PRESENTS Mary Dravis-Parrish – Parent Whisperer as today’s Unique Exciting Speaker.  Mary will be sharing with us the keys to be empowered parents and empowering kids.  

Mary will also be providing a special gift for all our listeners so be sure to tune in live or catch the replay!

For Mary Dravis-Parrish life was not going the way she thought it would. She did all the right things; followed advice and rules from family and experts, and yet her life was in pieces. She was very disappointed in her choices, the outcomes and the direction she was going.

Then her teenage son took his life, her marriage ended, she felt trapped with nowhere to turn, full of guilt, feeling like a failure. Mary asked: What will it take to make my life worth living? How do I go on in this world and be a parent to my remaining sons? These questions began to open the doors to a different possibility for Mary that she had not even allowed herself to dream about- a life of joy, fun, adventure, choice, love, kindness, success. Being empowered and being confident as a parent!

Mary is now a celebrated international author, speaker and facilitator for empowered conscious living, sharing with her clients the secrets she learned to create an empowered life. Her favorite clients are parents, knowing that empowered parents raise empowered kids for a greater world. Mary shares simple strategies that are highly effective, such as questioning strategies, release of expectation techniques, empowerment techniques and many more. As a certified facilitator, Mary has equipped hundreds of individuals, parents and children with her simple strategies to create greater possibilities. Applying her BE YOU parenting strategies, trainings and tools, she facilitates change in people’s lives, so they have more confidence, awareness, joy and fun in all areas of living. 

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