Defusing Relationship Issues Before They Blowup ~ Guest Lyndel Daly

Defusing Relationship Issues Before They Blowup ~ Guest Lyndel Daly

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August 30, 2021 by Open Mic on Inspired Choices Network

Open Mic on ICN 

Defusing Relationship Issues Before They Blowup with Guest Lyndel Daly is featured this week on Open Mic on ICN.  

Join interviewee Hayley Su Buchanan of Inspired Choices Network and her guest Lyndel Daly as they discuss relationships and how to defuse challenges before they blowup.

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About Lyndel Daly

I own and manage a Consciousness Life Coaching and training business under the business name of Daly Dynamics. After serving in the SA National Defence for 31 years in the Human Resource Development and Management field I left a few years ago to focus on my abundance of passions.

With my BA Education and Honours degree in Psychology I felt that supporting others to undertake life changes from a solid foundation of their current reality made Life Coaching more appealing to me over Psychology. Kind of let’s deal with what is happening in your life right now and let’s find ways to move your forward. In this regard a lot of my time is seeing clients one on one in person or on various video calling platforms. I also facilitate several training interventions related to self-coaching skills to groups as a means to make a bigger impact on others.  Info on these is on my website. Life     

During my life journey I feel that the greatest investment one can undertake is self-development especially when it comes to behavioural skills life self-confidence, assertiveness, self-management, relationship coaching, self-resilience etc. Skills that support you to create the life you want to consciously. Making things happen as opposed to waiting for things to happen.

One never knows your inner strength until a challenging life event throws the spanner into the works.

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