Creating Memorable Experiences With Guest Darren Ross

Creating Memorable Experiences With Guest Darren Ross

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September 14, 2020 by The Kathleen Riessen Show

Profit Launch With Kathleen Riessen 

What keeps customers coming back time and time again? Today’s show features guest Darren Ross who will share how he turned a no-frills hotel into a multi-award winning destination experience. Discover the steps he took to turn his vision into a reality.

Starting his career in hospitality at Hyatt West Hollywood in 1995,Darren would win the 1997 California Tourism Award for Employee of the Year from the state.

In 1998 he was a part of the opening management team at Beach House Hotel, Hermosa Beach, where he implemented service standards for the hotel.

He left Beach House in 2000 to start a secret shopping company. One of his clients was the Magic Castle Club in Hollywood. Darren worked closely with the property owners, who also owned the Magic Castle Hotel. He was offered the G.M. position at the Hotel. Soon after accepting, he became manager of all three properties the owners held. Today, He leases the hotel and created his hospitality management brand, Service Freak Hospitality, LLC. The hotel transformed from a no-frills experience, to a multi award-winning hotel with their unique approach featured in books, podcasts and on TV.

Darren recently gave a talk at TEDx Santa Barbara on the topic of customer service, and has spoken to groups such as Nike and Harcourts Realty on the importance of creating service moments.

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