Attention Women Over 50: 3x Your Energy in 3 Days – Speaker Sharon North Pohl

Attention Women Over 50: 3x Your Energy in 3 Days – Speaker Sharon North Pohl

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June 7, 2023 by Clarity Confidence Connection

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Get tips to Get Up with More Energy, Get Dressed and ready with more self-esteem. Get Out with more passion and Joy to rock your bucket list.

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Sharon Is a sassy woman in her seventies who loves to wear bright, exotic clothing, sharing stories of traveling around the world.

She recently stepped away from shooting fashion photos in tropical locations to connect with her passion; to uplevel mature women’s lives.

She has learned how to thrive despite many adversities; 2 difficult divorces, serious weight gain, health issues, and recently being in a coma for 2 weeks, on life support. She teaches us how to live an even more zesty and juicy life at any age, no matter your life experiences.

She is an author, international speaker, and formerly CEO and founder of a non profit horse rescue. A place where she coached women, working with rescued horses to mentor the human spirit.

Sharon is an expert mentor who is passionate about guiding women out of the midlife disconnect. She shares her solutions for increasing energy, managing weight gain, health issues, reducing stress and anxiety while increasing Self Esteem and strengthening connections with yourself and friends and family.

She helps initiate women on the path to rewilding their zesty lives and upleveling their self care and self love. She has created the zesty tool box to help women live the life they dream of, with no regrets, to live large and rock their bucket list.

Her new book, ‘Zesty Changes’ is a #1 best selling Amazon book. This is a collection of Inspiring stories from 30 women who have turned tradgedies into triumph.

A reader’s quote;

“This inspiring book of stories is a treasure of the human spirit and that it is never too late for true change and joy to emerge from even the darkest of times.”

…..Ellianna J


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