Bring Your Brilliance with Carla Taylor


Are you ready to find your voice and bring your message to the world?

Do you know you need a personal brand but aren’t sure what it should be?

Do you want to create your own “career insurance” by having a personal brand that outlives any role or company?

Each week, Personal Branding Evangelist and LinkedIn Strategist Carla Taylor interviews amazing people who are bringing their brilliance and forging their own path. She helps business leaders navigate the unknown by helping them stay relevant and known in their field, be their authentic selves, and love what they do.

After supporting thousands of clients in achieving their goals, Carla Taylor realized she needed to “walk the talk” for her own personal brand. She started saying yes to opportunities, making social media connections in real life, and having a lot more fun along the way.


November 15, 2019-Mastermind Your Success ~ Guest Ronan Leonard

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Do you know what a Mastermind is? And how it can help you be more successful? Could you use more revenue and loyal clients? In this week's show, Carla Taylor will be talking with Ronan Leonard, The Mastermind Guy all about masterminds and mindset. Everyone’s talking about mindset, right? And we all know being around hungry, driven people inspires us to...

November 8, 2019-Capture More Customers With Rock Star Positioning ~ Guest Dr. Ari Zelmanow

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Do you want to have the unshakable confidence that comes with knowing your current positioning will stop customers dead in their tracks? Would you like to capture more customers and increase your revenue? Do you want to position yourself as a Rock Star and market leader in your field? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will want to listen...

November 1, 2019-Owning Your Brilliance – You As An Expert

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show You know a lot about a lot of things, but, can you really call yourself an expert? Are you trying to find your voice and figure out your "Brilliance" but not sure where to start? In this week's Strategy for Success episode, Carla Taylor addresses what is often the main stopping point for people to Bring their Brilliance and share their expertise. Yes, we all...

October 25, 2019-Loving Yourself Exactly As You Are – Guest Shafonne Myers

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Are you a plus size woman who struggles with loving yourself ...and finds that is affecting your business and your relationships? Do you know you were meant for more, but feel like your size is holding you back? Do you simply want to look in the mirror and finally feel beautiful... and actually see what others see?   Join Carla Taylor as she talks with...

October 18, 2019-Sharing Your Voice Through LinkedIn Content Creation ~ Carla Taylor

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show LinkedIn Content Creation is the best way to get your voice and your message in front of your consumers. Right now, LinkedIn is one of the hottest platforms and it's the place to be if you want to get in front of businesses, consumers, and decision makers. It's also where you want to go to connect with like-minded individuals and grow your personal and...

October 11, 2019-“Just Ask Victoria” To Get Answers To Your Business Problems ~ Guest Victoria Finch

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Did you ever wish you had someone to ask about your biggest business problems or challenges? Or a way to ask Google or Alexa about how to get unstuck to start or grow your biz? Now you have a direct line to the business help you need with the launch of Just Ask Victoria. Victoria Finch is a successful parallel entrepreneur who either knows the answer or knows...

October 4, 2019-How I Grew My LinkedIn By 30% In 6 Months ~ Carla Taylor

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Do you want to be known for what you do? Do you want to grow your personal brand? LinkedIn is THE place to be if you do business, anywhere in the world. There are over 650 million people on LinkedIn - it is THE ultimate business networking platform. It has been exploding in recent months with new features being added all the time. Content creators are...

September 27, 2019-Living The Digital Nomad Life ~ Guest Mike Blankenship

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a digital nomad? Or do you even know what a digital nomad is? In this can't-miss episode, we are checking back in with Mike Blankenship, who Carla first met when he interviewed her for a Success Magazine article. Mike and his wife and daughter have been traveling the world for over a year now as they live and...

September 20, 2019-Your Brand, On Purpose ~ Carla Taylor

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show You want to do something meaningful, and finally align your work with your purpose. But do you actually know your purpose, and how to communicate it in a compelling way? You want to be fulfilled and happy at work, even (and maybe especially) if you own your own business. But, do you really know what you need to be sustainably happy over time? And you want...

September 13, 2019-How to Get and Stay Motivated ~ Carla Taylor

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show You want to get started on that new project or initiative, but you are having a hard time getting motivated. Or maybe you were initially inspired and excited, but staying motivated after a few days, weeks, or months has become a challenge. Motivating yourself or others can sometimes elude us, so what can you do when that happens? In this week's Strategy...