Bring Your Brilliance with Carla Taylor


Are you ready to find your voice and bring your message to the world?

Do you know you need a personal brand but aren’t sure what it should be?

Do you want to create your own “career insurance” by having a personal brand that outlives any role or company?

Each week, Personal Branding Evangelist and LinkedIn Strategist Carla Taylor interviews amazing people who are bringing their brilliance and forging their own path. She helps business leaders navigate the unknown by helping them stay relevant and known in their field, be their authentic selves, and love what they do.

After supporting thousands of clients in achieving their goals, Carla Taylor realized she needed to “walk the talk” for her own personal brand. She started saying yes to opportunities, making social media connections in real life, and having a lot more fun along the way.


January 24, 2020-High Frequency Art ~ Guest Jill Lehman

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Do you want your life and work to be operating at a High Frequency? Have you ever noticed that the place you work in has an effect on your energy and creativity? Do you feel different in different spaces - and inspired around creative things and people? This week, Carla Taylor will talk with Jill Lehman, HR executive turned original artwork consultant,...

January 17, 2020-Matters Of A Positive Mindset ~ Guest QBDarla

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Does having a positive mindset matter? Does how you think have an effect on your energy level or how successful you are? And do you want to learn how to quarterback your own team and score touchdowns in your business success? Join Carla Taylor as she interviews QBDarla, sought after motivational speaker and successful entrepreneur who has sold over $1.4...

January 10, 2020-Create Your Own Limitless 5D Reality ~ Guest Matthew Patti

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Have you been dreaming of a new, limitless reality?  Wishing you could experience a new 3D virtual reality world, or that you'd gotten an Oculus Quest?  What if you could experience something even better - a completely new life and new reality without any external equipment, but simply by rewiring your own consciousness? Join Carla Taylor this week as she...

January 3, 2020-Making the Next Decade Count (120 Blinks) ~ Carla Taylor

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Are you ready for the new year... and the next decade? Think about 2010.... where were you then? What was going on in your life? What’s changed in your life since then, and what has stayed the same? Now think about 2030... ten years from now. Where do you want your life to be? Join Carla Taylor as she kicks off 2020, a new year and new decade, with...

December 27, 2019-A Year of Brilliance ~ Carla Taylor

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show What if you spent an entire year focused on Bringing Your Brilliance? Would that change your experience, and how you and others see you? In this very special Year-End episode, join Carla Taylor as she reviews her top 5 lessons learned from getting incredibly focused on putting herself out there and no longer playing small. After years of being the behind the...

December 20, 2019-Next Level Success Strategies ~ Guest Jaimi Jansen

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Do you know the success strategies you need to get to where you want to go? Do you know how to get your business...and your life... to the next level? Join Carla Taylor as she chats with nationally recognized, award-winning Jaimi Jansen, who created success systems to grow her own business into a multi-million dollar company with three locations and over 70...

December 13, 2019-Reaching For Your Dreams ~ Guest Youtuber Emaru

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Do you have dreams that you've wanted to accomplish for a long time, but have been afraid to get started? Sick of feeling like something you want to do is just out of your reach? This week, Carla Taylor will be interviewing Youtuber Emaru, who is just getting started on her own dream. Emaru has wanted to become a Youtuber ever since she discovered the app. On...

December 6, 2019-Content Marketing Basics ~ Carla Taylor

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Do you want to get started - or get better - at content marketing for your business? Have you been wanting to share your story but aren't sure where to start? In this First Friday Success Strategies episode, Carla Taylor will be walking you through the basics of what you need to know and how to get started. You might be a speaker, a business owner, a...

November 29, 2019-Creating Clarity in 2020 ~ Carla Taylor

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show Do you know you need clarity so you can narrow your focus in 2020 and knock it out of the park in the next year - and next decade? Are you ready to finish 2019 strong and hit the ground running with a solid plan of action? As this year comes to a close, we are entering a time of reflection and transition. And as we celebrate Thanksgiving (and gratitude) in...

November 22, 2019-2020: The Year of Relationship Marketing ~ Guest Jessika Phillips

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show What are the marketing predictions and trends to come in 2020? One that everyone can agree on is the growth of conversational marketing, personalization and dark social. With Organic engagement reaching a low .09% average in 2019, how can one ensure their message is being seen, but more importantly, heard, using digital media without the constant...