Make Money Now, In Any Economy – Guest Linda Hayles

Make Money Now, In Any Economy – Guest Linda Hayles

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May 8, 2020 by Bring Your Brilliance with Carla Taylor

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Do you want to make money now, but have no idea how? Do you want to have the ability to print money on demand – in any economy? Do you want to have consistent 5 figure months?

In this week’s Bring Your Brilliance show, host Carla Taylor will talk with the no-nonsense powerhouse that is Linda Hayles – TEDx Speaker and International Coach of the Print Money On Demand System. Linda recently had her own $25,000 month in the middle of the pandemic, and helps her clients to do the same. Be sure to listen in as Linda shares her secrets for success.

Linda Hayles is a straight-talkin’, no-sugar coatin’, results gettin’, highly energetic speaker & high performance coach. She teaches her clients to go from setting goals they never achieve to making success predictable. Linda knows this is possible because she went from being a divorced, single mom on public assistance with a GED, to getting a degree, opening a business, writing a book, becoming the “go-to girl” for life and relationship advice, and becoming a master sales and enrollment Ninja.

She became the head translator at Lakewood Church (the largest church in the nation), delivered a TEDx Talk, is an International Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer. Linda’s passion is to help her clients unleash their full potential by mastering the art of closing sales so they can have multiple 5 figure months! For bookings:

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