Soul Songs ~ Guests Gentle Sparrow and Bridie Latona

Soul Songs ~ Guests Gentle Sparrow and Bridie Latona

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May 22, 2020 by Bring Your Brilliance with Carla Taylor

Bring Your Brilliance With Carla Taylor Radio Show

Are you curious about Soul Songs, what they are, and why they are so powerful? Have you ever wished you had your very own Soul Song? In this very special episode of the Bring Your Brilliance show, host Carla Taylor will be talking with Gentle Sparrow and Bridie Latona. They will discuss their revolutionary new healing practice, SOUL SONGS, which combines guided meditation and custom songwriting. Carla and her guests will each relate their experience of guiding Carla through the process of creating her own Soul Song, which will also be debuted live for the very first time. As it happens, in the process of finishing the song and prior to this interview, Carla lost her beloved father Carl Gahwiler. Gentle Sparrow and Bridie felt that the song needed to be adjusted to reflect Carl’s influence and legacy of love in Carla’s life, and this song is now one that Carla and her family will carry in their hearts forever.

Gentle Sparrow and Bridie Latona are the lovingly creative duo who create these very special Soul Songs, part of the wave of humanity’s emerging higher consciousness. Gentle Sparrow is the singer-songwriter project of Robbie Teehan, the result of 18 years in the music industry collecting experiences and adventures in an effort to discover who he really is. Those adventures took him from humble beginnings growing up in Toronto, to working as a symphonic tuba player, a classical composer, a freelance choral singer, a record producer, a sousaphone player in jazz, rock, and folk bands, and a Hollywood film and TV composer. Called to Los Angeles for a new adventure in film and TV scoring, two unexpected events changed the course of his life: he experienced a profound spiritual awakening, and he fell deeply and transformatively in love with Bridie. In doing so discovered his voice and songwriting gift – a deep, hidden desire that had long been aching to be expressed. Stepping fully into his new identity as Gentle Sparrow, Robbie discovered a special ability to sit and talk with someone, perceive their energy and life trajectory, and, in as little as fifteen minutes, receive and create a song that uniquely satisfies their soul’s deepest desire to be seen and celebrated for who they truly are. This powerful new modality of healing therapy he calls “Soul Songs”, and Robbie can’t help but laugh at how, after years of trying to carve an independent path from his family, he has finally recognized that his greatest gifts, empathy and creative intuition, came directly from his father, a successful psychotherapist, and his mother, a prolific songwriter. Bridie Latona is a multi-award winning actress and filmmaker. Bridie Latona is known for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019), Ford v Ferrari (2019) and Timeless Eye. Bridie was born in the Nightcap Rainforest, Australia, and lived half her life in London, England. She is of Irish, English, Italian and Scandinavian descent. She now resides in Los Angeles.


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