Your Body & Biz are Talking: Are you Listening?

Your Body & Biz are Talking: Are you Listening?

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May 11, 2016 by Love, Life & All Things Weird ~ Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer

For some of you, this idea seems really weird.  Ummm…Welcome to Love, Life and All Things Weird.

Everything has consciousness including our body and biz. And yet, we dynamically shut off our awareness when it comes to our bodies and businesses.

What if you could turn up the volume and actually listen to what your body and business are asking of you?  How would that contribute to your vitality, happiness, money, connection and so much more?

Come learn how you can tune into these energies for change and magic.

What else is possible with your body and biz that you never imagined was possible?

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