Love, Life & All Things Weird ~ Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer

What if you really can have it all?  No–really? What if everything you THINK you desire is only a starting point for the life you are truly capable of creating? On Love, Life, & All Things Weird, we playfully explore topics from money to magic, healing to wholeness, creation, relationship, business and more. There’s no place we won’t go, nothing too wacky or weird in the quest to live as grand a life as possible. Hosts Megan Sillito and Suzanne Stauffer are the embodiment of “opposites attract” and the result is true synergistic power.  Partnered in love and in business, they’re taking co-creation to a whole new level. Join Megan and Suzanne for Love, Life, & All Things Weird, where we will talk about living a life that’s inspired, overflowing, and completely awesome.  

Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer


July 17, 2019-How to Risk in Love After a Heartbreak ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi I absolutely LOVE this quote because our natural essence is to be open hearted love bombs filling the world with our special love sauce. But somewhere between the womb and now, we have experienced heart wounding. Experiences that...

July 10, 2019-Breaking Up is Hard to Do ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Have you ever really wished you could change your romantic relationship but the only thing you knew to do was to continue to sell out or settle and make the best of things or just break up and try again with another partner? Have you ever made yourself or your partner wrong for not being able to BE or DO what was needed in the moment? Relationships are living...

July 3, 2019-Beyond the Fear Of Speaking Up ~ Guest Fiona Cutts

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Do you know you have something amazing to share? Something that lights you up, gets you all excited…………………..and then you go into fear, doubt, shyness, whatever that is for you, and silence yourself, or find the words don’t come out of your mouth, as you had planned………………. What if something different is possible, beyond the fear of speaking...

June 26, 2019-Heal Your Life the Energy Way ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Everything in life that is stuck is because of energetic imprints of pain and trauma, thoughts and feelings from childhood; sometimes even beginning in the womb and in prior lifetimes as well. In order to fully change something you must clear it at its energetic source. That’s why despite people’s best efforts to shift patterns through therapy, medication,...

June 19, 2019-Are You Willing to Get Younger as You Age? ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Age is just a number, we all know that. But beyond feeling youthful, what if we could actually program our body to get younger even with the years adding up every year? Have you noticed the more conscious you become, the younger you look and feel? What if we could slough off the judgments, let go of the cortisol and adrenaline and stresses that age our bodies? What if...

June 12, 2019-Activate Your Body’s Capacities ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Our bodies are often the thing we fight with the most in this reality. After all, we have to contend with taking care of them on the daily, and often they are in pain, or some kind of emotional intensity. Plus, we all have a bunch of judgments about our bodies that often leads to low self-esteem and separation. It’s no wonder then, that we have a challenging time...

June 5, 2019-Activate Your Riches ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Our divine blueprint is abundance . Translated , that means we’re hardwired for loads of Moolah . Problem is sometime between conception and now , your hard drive got contaminated with spyware and the result is lack programs namely : I’m not worthy Money doesn’t grow on trees Money is hard To name a few.. is it time to change up that shit ? Are you ready to...

May 29, 2019-Beyond, Beyond Love ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show In our last show Beyond Love we got so deep into that cool love space that well we wanted more and it seemed you did too. So get ready for part deux of Beyond Love! After clearing a whole lot of stuff on what love isn’t its time to look and see what kind of true power that cute little ticker inside us truly has for us and this planet. Do you want to know your...

May 22, 2019-Beyond Love: Activate Your Heart Magic ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Why do we even need the phrase Unconditional Love? At what point did love get so colluded that we had to start qualifying it? The capacity of our hearts is so beyond what this world has called love. Did you know that our heart power can create spaces where profound healing, transformation and greatness naturally flourish? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able...

May 15, 2019-Soul Initiations: Activating Your True Blueprint ~ Megan & Suzanne

Love, Life & All Things Weird Radio Show Did you know it’s the golden age of miracles? At no other time in history since Atlantis has the quantum field, the Akashic records of the ascended masters and the magic of the spiritual realm been so easily tapped for our divine ascension. Are you ready to activate the divine codes in your DNA and quantum leap to new states of consciousness? Are you ready to raise...