Waiting on a Feeling ~ Petrina Fava

Waiting on a Feeling ~ Petrina Fava

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March 13, 2017 by Messy Adventures In Living

Messy Adventures in Living ~ Petrina Fava Radio Show

Are you waiting for it to feel right? Feel easy? Feel good, before you choose it? Many choices are uncomfortable, but is uncomfortable wrong? Or could it be an awareness of a fixed point of view? A firmly held belief that’s keeping you stuck? A lie that’s held in place? Are any of those even yours? We’ve learned to believe that we can’t help our feelings. What if this isn’t true? Assigning significance and meaning to your feelings puts you into massive conclusion and limits your ability to create beyond them. Let’s talk about some questions you can ask yourself to get clear about what you’re actually aware of. What could you create if you were willing to choose even in the face of discomfort?

Petrina Fava is always creating something new and it’s almost always quite messy! She enjoys having lots of projects on the go all while being a perfectly imperfect wife and mom of three!



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