You Can’t Get Rid of What You’re Aware Of ~ Petrina Fava

You Can’t Get Rid of What You’re Aware Of ~ Petrina Fava

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July 17, 2017 by Messy Adventures In Living

Messy Adventures in Living ~ Petrina Fava Radio Show

You know that thing that’s haunted you your whole life? The one you can never seem to get rid of? Self judgement, physical pain, fatigue, illness, anxiety, depression, the voices in your head…whatever it is for you. Does it seem that you just can’t change it? Have you spent years of counseling, paid thousands of dollars, and stressed your body trying to get rid of it once and for all?

What if the reason you can’t get rid of it is because it’s not your problem to start with? What if it’s not a problem at all, but a gift called awareness.
Can you ever stop awareness? And would you really want to get rid your magic? You could use it to your advantage instead.

Petrina Fava is always creating something new and it’s almost always quite messy! She enjoys having lots of projects on the go all while being a perfectly imperfect wife and mom of three!

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