Bullying. Tools to Outcreate Victimhood ~ Petrina Fava

Bullying. Tools to Outcreate Victimhood ~ Petrina Fava

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September 18, 2017 by Messy Adventures In Living

Messy Adventures in Living ~ Petrina Fava Radio Show

What if ending bullying is not the answer? Many Anti-Bully Programs have one very large underlying assumption; the bullied are the victims. The bullied suffer at the hands of the bully who is bigger, meaner and has the power to affect their lives. What if kids didn’t have to be impacted by mean words, ridicule and rudeness? How different would a child’s life be, if he was taught how to truly receive judgement? Imagine a child who could truly receive judgement with no point of view. You, the parent can play a part in empowering your child to outcreate victimhood. But first, you may have to outcreate your own.

Petrina Fava is always creating something new and it’s almost always quite messy! She enjoys having lots of projects on the go all while being a perfectly imperfect wife and mom of three!



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