TV – Scaling Client Acquisition with Virtual Events – Chris Colt

TV – Scaling Client Acquisition with Virtual Events – Chris Colt

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February 29, 2024 by *Connected Leaders Academy

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The Virtual Event Advantage A Deep Dive

Uncover The Fascinating Narrative Behind The Rise Of Virtual Events. Discover What Makes These Digital Gatherings So Effective, Backed By Compelling Case Studies. Embark On A Journey Into The Future Of Engagement And Learn How You Can Harness The Power Of Virtual Events For Your Business. While Understanding Which Virtual Event Is Right For You

Chris is here to raise the bar for building thriving communities for missions that matter.

As “The Challenge Champion™, he guides transformational entrepreneurs on how to turn strangers into loyal clients with Virtual Events.

His proprietary framework is your turnkey repeatable solution for client acquisition at scale. The Challenge Champion™ services provide you with a one-stop solution to getting the highest quality clients without making sales calls or using paid advertising and leveraging a 100% organic approach.

With over 25 years in sales, and a passion for creating transformative virtual events. He knows how to build mutual beneficial relationships. He credits his passion for endurance cycling for giving him the knack for creating fun and engaging virtual events & challenges that clients love. One of Chris’s personal cycling adventures is successfully completing one of the hardest mountain bike races on the planet- the Leadville 100.

Lastly, he is a loving husband, a devoted father, and a servant leader.


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