TV – Business Bottlenecks? Is Your Technology Stalling Your Growth? – Mike Duffy

TV – Business Bottlenecks? Is Your Technology Stalling Your Growth? – Mike Duffy

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June 27, 2024 by *Connected Leaders Academy

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Hello My Friend, This is my 2nd Collaboration with the Connected Leaders Academy, I am treating these going forward as Journal entries chronicling my path to 9 Figures with 2 International Businesses that I Steer the Ship for.

I started 24/7 Cybersecurity from scratch on August 1, 2021 in the midst of a “Pandemic” with 0 Client List, within 2 years it is a Multiple 6 Figure Business, on my way to 9 Figures leveraging what I have learned from 2019 -2024. Yes i have learning business skills since 2005, and My 1st Business ran 17 years but it had many Bottlenecks that could not be addressed. I hit the CEILING every month for 11 years straight before a series of CATALYST events instructed me that I had to Start from ZERO with new information. These series of events led me to Jose Escobar, our Leader at the Connected Leaders Academy and i will Surf the waves of the future opportunities that he leads us through.

Yes some business owners can go from 0 – 7 Figures in less than a year, But they CAN Do That with the Right Information, Right Connections & Mindset & RIGHT Action at the Right Time.

These Entrepreneurs are the outliers in society, those who have already spent 10,000 hours gaining skills in connections & leadership & communication. They have already created a Network of Contacts that can be leveraged to a High net worth. They have established a High Leadership LID, they have learned from the master, John Maxwell.

For those new to Entrepreneurship or struggling with Entrepreneurship, Starting and Scaling your Business to 5 Figure, then Multiple 6 Figures and Beyond requires Intention Setting, technology systems and detailed processes working together in synchronicity. The GOAL is More Success with Less effort and less frustration.

Mike Duffy is Seasoned Serial Entrepreneur with over 2 Decades of Experience Generating a Yearly 6 Figure Income. He is a 2x Best Selling Author of Brand Sharks, Unstoppable Strategies of Business Leaders, and the Connected Leaders Academy Anthology “Thrive – Transformative Strategies for Entrepreneurs”. He currently is the C.E.O of DontGetHacked Global Cybersecurity with Offices & Employees in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Dubai, U.A.E. He is also Chief Technology Officer for a Full Service Podcast Creation & Distribution Business based in Edison, New Jersey, U.S.A.

He has 2 Active Shows on, a DIY Tech Support Show Called
“Don’t Get Hacked – Call Me For Help” and an Interview Show where he Interviews Business Owners called

To summarize, Mike Duffy is a Technology Coach and he has a Team of Experts waiting to Help You Eliminate The Technology Bottlenecks in your Business.

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