TV – Obvious To You, And Amazing To Others! – Gordon D. Melville

TV – Obvious To You, And Amazing To Others! – Gordon D. Melville

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April 20, 2024 by *The Long Bearded Guy

The Long Bearded Guy ~ Gordon D. Melville 

“Obvious to You, And Amazing to Others!” encapsulates the revelation that what may seem ordinary or mundane to oneself, can be perceived as extraordinary by others. It’s a profound recognition of the unique perspectives we each possess & the potential for amazing greatness within! In the tapestry of human experience, what is obvious to one individual may hold immense value & amazing wonder for others! It’s the realization that our innate talents, insights, & contributions, though seemingly commonplace to us, can elicit awe & admiration from those around us! To fully embrace this concept, we must cultivate a sense of self-awareness & appreciation for our own abilities & gifts. By recognizing the inherent value in what may appear obvious to us, we unlock the potential to astonish & inspire others with our unique talents & perspectives!

During this episode with ‘The Long Bearded Guy’, Gordon D Melville, the ‘Legacy & Resilience Strategist’ at JEWIL International, he will share that in essence, ‘Obvious to You, And Amazing to Others’, invites us to celebrate our individuality & embrace the inherent brilliance within, knowing that what may seem ordinary to us has the power to leave others in awe! Bring your journal & friends & let’s intentionally grow together! Let’s get after it!

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Gordon D is Founder, CEO, and the Legacy & Resiliency Strategist at Jewil International, ‘The King of EQ!’, the Executive Producer, Digital Radio Host, Podcaster & TV Personality of the nationally syndicated ‘The Long Bearded Guy’! He is the Mindset & Energy Mentor for a Pro basketball team and is a multiple times award-winning and International Best Selling Author, as well as an Internationally Renowned Keynote Speaker who is on a mission to positively change the lives of every man he meets! Gordon D has worked with the likes of Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, and Zig Ziglar while developing his own coaching specialization. 

When not writing, podcasting, or mentoring, Gordon D can be found focusing on his spiritual health alongside his wife of 31+ years and his three teenage sons in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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